How to finish, how to handle and divide the carcass of a moose

Before you go hunting for elk, remember that his shooting license required. Elk are highly valued horns, and the meat is a real delicacy. But need to know how to carve that trophies were not lost in vain.

Feature of large hoofed animals as a trophy.

When hunting moose, try to hit an animal. If moose is hurt, he will suffer and a long time can pass, and internal bleeding will spoil the meat. It is therefore important to kill the beast immediately. To gut the carcass should be immediately, no later than 2-3hours. Otherwise, the meat will be unpleasant dušek. After 6 hours intact carcass is not good to eat.

Sanitary-veterinary regulations are gutted carcass can be no more than 3 hours, otherwise it is deemed invalid and the print investclub on such meat do not deliver.

The skin need to be removed no later than 5-8 hours. Better to gut the carcass of us.

How to kill moose

So that the animal fell immediately, to shoot boring in the lower part of the chest. If the ball is in the back, you need to aim to the sacrum. When hit in the head, the moose can still get away from the hunter and not leave blood trail. Moose can only be killed by a direct hit to the brain. But if the shot is not accurate, you can spoil a horn. Better never to aim.

When the beast fell, do not run headlong to him to be photographed. Elk could still be alive and in agony even hurt the hunter’s horns or hooves. If the moose is only wounded, better to finish him with a shot in the distance.

Then you need to cut the throat. This will help to kill the animal and preserve the taste and appearance of fresh meat. Slit the throat very carefully. The knife stick in the place where the chest into the neck of the blade toward the heart and move it up. This place holds all the major vessels, and the animal quickly bleeds out.

Butchering moose

First you need to remove the intestines.

Then remove the skin, securing the carcass on the back. Need to slit from throat to tip of tail. The next step is to rip the skin on the feet. We must start from the hooves and bring to a cut on the chest and the anus. Then, carefully notching, remove the skin from one side to the spine, then turn over and on the other side.

First you need to cut off the legs, then the head. Then gut, but be careful not to damage the intestine. Then cutting off the esophagus choose the insides in a separate bag. It is better to waste away. Next take out the guts: Kidneys, heart, spleen and lungs. Dismember should start between 12 and 13 vertebrae and apart.

Especially cutting a moose in winter

Pieces of the carcass is rubbed with snow, and lay it on a clean place, not frozen. The skin is also necessary to make scrapings from the inside, like an envelope.

Important information

Butchering elk to inspect the internal organs. You can see bubbles on the legs, the size of a large egg, with the stalk which is attached to the liver, stomach, mesentery. It onkosana Finn — the larvae of the parasite. For people they are not dangerous, but dogs feed such tripe is not worth it. Offal must be burned to avoid being eaten by the predators and larvae do not multiply.

As divided carcass of a moose on the hunt with many hunters and gamekeepers

When butchering not to upset anyone, there are some rules:

1. The hunter who made the shot, after which the elk fell, belongs to the head and specialty parts.

2. Leather usually remained in the household, which owns the land. If carcass want to make a stuffed skin of the points.

3. Brisket is given to the Rangers.

4. Tripe, liver, heart are cooked directly on the campfire and served on the table.

5. Elk meat is chopped into large pieces and distributed to all participants.

Hunting is not only important to find the target, but also the right to kill her. Bringing a little pain to the animal and without spoiling the meat. And, of course, to observe the rules of cutting meat.

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