How to find the female woodcock

In our country hunting woodcock has been one of the most popular. This is the most affordable and most fun option of hunting upland game. Woodcock is a small forest and migratory feathered, which belongs to the family bekeshovich. There is another name for this bird — wood Sandpiper. The habitats are mixed and deciduous woods and copses, heaths and gullies. The methods of hunting on woodcock there is quite a lot. A bird hunt in the spring, summer and autumn.

The coloration of the young of the woodcock is bright enough, more adults of color the plumage not so intense. The colors of the birds help it to camouflage perfectly among the remnants of last year’s foliage, many shrubs and spaces of the earth. In the last month of winter, provided the weather is warm enough, you can come to the spring migration of snipe that move alone, in pairs and in small companies of 3-6 birds. A large part Kulikov moves in those areas where they were born. Immediately after arrival from wintering grounds in poultry starts a craving, a place for which from year to year, the bird selected the same. Under the condition of unchanging landscape of the place to pull the males of a woodcock also chosen the same.

How to find the female woodcock

Every hunter who plans to go hunting in a forest Kulik, certainly knows what to shoot females of any birds, including woodcock is prohibited. They are the guardians, who are not only the brood but also themselves feed them. Females provide brood food, walk their Chicks and put them on the wing. The main task of the male is to fertilize, in an opposite males quite useless. The rest of the time after the current, they are completely free of any responsibilities. Forest Sandpiper is no exception in this formulation, distribution of responsibilities and in the spring the females incubate the eggs, feed the Chicks when they hatch, lead broods to walk and learn to fly. After a time, when the Chicks become adults and begin their own lives, female sandpipers can again lay eggs and repeat the cycle. This cycle of birds is repeated twice a year. And if the hunter who unknowingly or specially shot a female, he will automatically interrupt the chain and not let the world get one or two broods of birds a year. Males do not represent such a value as a female. Each of them, in the current period can impregnate not one, but several females. It is precisely because of these reasons, hunters are allowed to shoot only the females of these birds.

However, woodcocks are very different, for example, from the same ducks, and in appearance the male and female have virtually no differences. Moreover, to see a loving couple of waders that are floating on the river or lake, as it can be for hunting other birds, is simply impossible. Hunting for woodcock, as a rule, is in the process of movement, of flight at a fairly high altitude. How do you know a woodcock flies at a sufficiently high speed, in low light conditions?

How to find the female woodcock

There are several ways to stay law-abiding hunter, not to break while hunting statutes and rules, and in a variety of conditions to distinguish the female from the male. First rule – do not shoot wood Sandpiper in the dark. But not because in the pitch dark would be difficult to see the bird and to understand who the hunter is a female or a male? To distinguish between birds that fly at high speed and at high altitude is almost impossible. Speaking of this rule, has in mind is quite another. Females forest Kulik, fly exclusively in the pitch dark. If twilight, the departure can be solved only by the male. The female will hide in the nest or in the mounting. Accordingly, if you stick to the simple advice and hunt this feathered only in the morning and afternoon hours, the chance to shoot in flight the female is equal to zero.

Female snipe fly silently and do not emit any sounds. Males on the contrary, necessary to make sounds very similar to grunting, which is relatively easy and figure hunters. In the spring, small forest clearings, where woodcocks that fly as a rule the whole crowd, just drowning their trills, turns into a real choir. In the spring of the year, during the current bird just can’t different and therefore the hunter saw a woodcock, which flies silently, in no case should not shoot. With high probability before him a female.

As already mentioned, the female snipe fly silently, but from time to time you may notice that this bird makes a quiet whistle. Whistle exclusively female and therefore find flies and the whistling of a woodcock, it is not necessary to shoot. Before hunters with 100% probability she is female.

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