How to find somovu pit

A few years ago when I had a burning curiosity and desire to learn to catch catfish, I read in a magazine article,»Fishing for catfish at Kwok«. After reading this article I had more questions than you had before reading it. Still can’t stop smiling after reading. Quote: «Look somovu hole»… after Reading this, I was just in shock. How? How to find somovu hole? It is a sign that says «Somavia pit«? Or maybe some kind of a buoy, indicating that this is Somova pit?

In General, such statements me cornered. So I want to give an accurate description and explanation of where to find soma, the place of its location. Maybe I’ll rosaceous you saying that purely Somavia Yam does not exist! On holes where catfish likes to go and lie down, also successfully catch as perch and bream. Quite often the output from such wells fishermen catch carp. Depth reaching from 10 m to 30 m depending on the reservoir. We, on the Dnieper, in the areas where I fish, the deepest pit 22 m, and on the Dniester depths of the imagination — 80 m!

In order to calculate soma, one must know the body of water on which you intend to fish, this will help you a sounder, experienced advice soratnikov or fishermen who spetsializiruyutsya on the perches, as catfish, and perch, loves all kinds of eyebrows and speeches on the bottom. By the way, the depth of the pit is not of great importance. If, for example, the bottom topography consists of a five-meter deep, and the pit of 8-9 meters, then rest assured: there is som. Especially good are small dents near the Islands and coastline.

We, on the Dnieper, I seek out the places where the flow of water collides with an underwater reef, the water is boiling, twists, a lot of eddies and reverse currents. This is the best place for catching catfish, although more difficult because the current is accelerated, the boat is spinning. On this site it is hard to catch, but also successful. Mostly because in such places are found the largest specimens.

Remember! To wait for a bite in the middle is not worth it. When the boat starts to relate a little to the side, better on the back over, then, and be ready for anything. Fishing on such a roll must begin long before him. Even if the depth of the shallows is only 4-4. 5 m. the Slightest depression in the soil of the bottom is «soft bed» for catfish.

Don’t confuse shallow depth. Exactly at this depth, before the shallows, I caught catfish up to 20 kg. Passing the roll, quickly rise to the bait, and after passing as quickly lowered to the desired depth, kochanie continues. Work Kwok almost constantly. Based on the flow rate, for example, one beat Kwok 1-1,5 m to your speed. Know when a catfish goes on the sound at that current, it needs to find your bait almost immediately, and not to chase you.

Kochanie continues as long as the boat will not survive in shallow waters. Sometimes catfish is swimming around your bait through this hole and only at the very end, leaving her, gulps, and promptly goes back to his hole. The dimensions of the holes do not matter. Sometimes the hole is very small in diameter, and it is possible to catch a 4 to 8 kgs in different sizes.

This pit can be found several times. I personally have always fused 3 times, center, right edge, left. Then I leave the pit for 2-3 hours to let it «cool down». But don’t sit on the beach in anticipation of this time, and just going to another pit or other areas. But this is one of many areas where you can catch catfish.

How to find other? Som not always located in the deepest places, he also can lie and feed in relatively shallow water. Heavily embossed area of your pond is also suitable for this. Rafting on the pond at a depth of 5 m, which dramatically changes the depth of 7-8 m, these places are also suitable for careful study. It is in these areas I find the most. Instances of pretty good size.

Examine the bottom topography, you will notice that on certain sections has depressions with a difference of 1.5-2 m relative to the depth of the pit. Be aware: in this deepening small catfish will not. This «funnel» settle in the best instances. By the way, there can be multiple instances. The size of them are almost identical. Small catfish are unlikely to live next to large, as it can easily become food for larger animals. Yes, we don’t need to let it grow further.

You can also find catfish in small pits, near which grows the old reeds. Night som goes out to them in order to eat the inhabitants of these bushes. Such places need to pay special attention and, of course, a special selection of bait. In my practice often met with holes which, at first glance, should be effective, but, unfortunately, they are either empty, or catfish in them is very small. These, I call them smooth, pits are smooth as a table, the bottom. Look for catfish on them is not necessary. Just the time spent, and the outputs of them can give good results. Therefore, well-studied such a hole, it is better to move a boat ride along the pit with the slant, tilt. How many have noticed the lack of any speech, edge or funnel at such holes does not bring results. Noteworthy places where the bottom or outlet of the pit are fallen trees, stumps. Also good places for catfish is underwater ditches, which, in turn, originate in the pit and go away to the side. Such a ditch should be good to sh. Very often, it is the passage of these channels, you can achieve good results.

As you can still find somovu the pit? Sometimes on a hot day catfish out of the pits. to bask in the sun, with a great noise, and the accompanying spray, Shows their «place of residence». Be sure the pit somewhere, and catfish in it, not one.

There were days when I stepped into such a hole, where every five minutes saw the boat Somogyi Plyos. The sound of my Kwok was forced soma to get close to me very close, but the bait would not take. Sadly I left the pit, giving it a rest from the sound Kwok. After a certain time again back to the same place, with literally two or three blows Kwok received the expected result.

Similar water bodies, which is why every angler needs to find his own plot, where he plans to catch. The described plot of catfish are mainly related to the rapid river, for example, of the Dnieper. I live near the Dnieper river, my city of Kremenchug is situated right on this beautiful and powerful river. We can say that the sleeve of the Dnieper river divided the city in half. With my profession I often have to leave my beloved city and, therefore, to leave fishing for an indefinite time. Leaving town with a sense of bitterness and frustration. But thanks to this profession I’ve been in different places in our Ukraine. In the most beautiful places! Those who have been to Destral he will understand me. These majestic mountains and rocks, which squeezed the water of the Dniester river in his arms. Being on the Dniester with his friend in the country, is often seen in the flooded village of Bakota salatniki, fervently flapping Kwok, trying to catch something.

This district a few years ago I researched my sounder. Yes, a good place for fishing and relaxation. But with so many fishermen in one place I would not have done it. From the noise of the Kwok head is spinning. This «music» is reminiscent of a drumroll. Imagine how it feels to the fish. These fishermen just interfere with each other. Know this picture of one caught, and others ran a race in the area catches. If you consider yourself an intelligent person and a real somatica, never enter the pit, where quotat. With his echolotm I walked along the cliffs and found a lot of interesting places. Opirayas on my experience, I can say that places for catching catfish very much. It is not necessary to go into a bunch of fishermen. Enough to try one or two of the plot rocks, and your patience will be rewarded. Because the mother nature for many years produced in these rocks and caves and all sorts of the recess. And this is the «dormitory» for catfish. So it’s worth a try. In my opinion, the best tool for finding catfish is a roadside field. Dvigayas a car on the roads of our country, outside the village, you can see how it terrain. Many mounds, hills and ravines. Well knowing the habits of predatory fish, and catfish is such that you can submit its location, places of feeding, resting places and of course fishing spots. The bottom topography of any water body is very similar to the terrain of our fields and steppes. Even small villages and settlements may be subject to your imagination.

In the XX century such settlements were flooded during the construction of the dams on our rivers. Just ask older people, where were the villages, and you can safely go into the area. The remains of houses, various outbuildings happily settled down with many species of fish, particularly catfish. You can believe me that the size of the local inhabitants will make you wince. In such places catfish grows to an enormous size, honestly, I wouldn’t want to meet him. It is proved by science that som can have a length of 5.5 m and weight 500 kg. to reach, Think for yourself about the effects of fishing on such giant. Maybe someone will say that this can not be. But judge for yourself: why not. Enemies except man, soma no. More than enough to eat, so why wouldn’t it grow to enormous size? Because catfish live more than a hundred years. Of course, such plots are only for the reservoirs. What to do when they go far? Successfully fishing in the main channel of the river.

The places I described above, if you carefully read and analyzed the reading, so you’ll be able to find or to choose for themselves the area of the reservoir, which is located nearby. For catching catfish in Kwok ‘s not worth to go to distant lands. He may be right «under your nose» is to find him. Sure: first, even with several attempts, you have nothing. But don’t despair. Each fishing trip is bearing fruit and, consequently, adds experience to your piggy Bank. Must be able to analyze the situation even though it may not always be explained.


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