How to find deer, study the habitat and habits for a successful hunt from the approach and from ambush

Deer can now be found in the Central part of Russia and in Siberia and the far East, dividing the European, Siberian and far Eastern ROE deer, respectively.

Deer grow to 1.7 m. length, 70-80 cm height, 23-30 lbs. and reach Change color depending on the time of year, they have good instincts and hearing. They are fast, flexible and intelligent animals, making jumps up to 10 m in length. Reaching speeds of 65 miles per hour, ROE deer are often saved from many of his enemies such as bears, foxes, lynx, wolves. For their young the danger is posed by owls, Martens, and raccoons.

The ROE deer inhabits the forests of rare, in the summer prefer to settle in large grass and bushes, and in winter in snow pits, hiding from enemies and harsh cold.

ROE deer feed on the shoots of trees, acorns, moss, and grasses and leaves of trees in summer.

In late summer the ROE deer rutting begins. Nurturing babies up to 9 months, deer take care of them for about 3 months, hiding from enemies weak kids. Live deer for 10-12 years, and in the wild their life expectancy at all averages 20 years.

Methods of hunting for deer

Hunting out early in the morning during the summer-autumn day should not be windy. It will be perfect if will be a light rain. In winter, a desirable light snow.

Battue hunting is that a group of hunters chases the deer out of the woods in order to make it easier to hit it. Here the ROE brings her poor eyesight. She doesn’t notice the stationary hunters who had lined up for her detention. There where no hunters, there are special flags that she did not run away frightened.

Hunting from ambush

In places where live many animals, is practiced to arrange the feeders there, where they come to eat. Hiding in ambush, the hunter waits for a worthy victim. He chooses, if lucky, a male with large horns. They careless during the rut, and is easy prey in an open area. This method is one of the easiest and are available to any hunter.

In the case of the method of ambush, hunting is necessary to use a rifled gun, and buckshot as ammunition.

Hunting with the approach

Usually, this type of hunting practiced by experienced hunters. They are more attentive, careful and a better shot. Wearing quiet clothing and shoes, hunter finds a deer trail, and determines the prescription of these tracks. You also need to understand the nature of the traces of escaped deer or just grazed.

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