How to find deep pike?

It can be found in mainstream rivers, in the waters of the great lakes, in creeks and bays. Where there is decent depth, it is possible inhabits the spotted predator.

A good option to finding places to fish are the river and its deep water.

The best way to find the deep pike is a boat trip, the purpose of which will be to find pike in the mainstream. Better to get a big boat, it will be much more comfortable and easier, especially during the aggression toothy predator. Experienced fishermen know that sensitive magic attack can last long enough and the conclusion for twenty to forty minutes, the angler should try to keep your energy and precious power.

Sufficient large snags are considered to be one of the most successful sites who have chosen deep pike. The deck, which is at a depth of five to ten metres is a suitable object for finding a powerful predator, reminiscent of the fearsome crocodile. Grozny the inhabitant of the groundwater basins surrounded by an intimidating entourage, which is similar with pictures of horror movies. Muddy water, dark colors of deep peace, a terrible snag. And here in this place there is a huge chance to meet the owner of deep river waters.

Simple wiring, is characterized by uniform, happens gradually and then in the course are other methods of transactions. You can sh in the area from all sides, carefully and fully.

Extremely interesting are also the areas that are in the base of the dredgers or pontoons, as well as in close proximity to these areas. But they are not so yielding, as the deep cells of the snags in which lives the whole world of the mysterious «crocodile» deep rivers.

Places near the dredges, as a rule, are very trashy. Piles of junk discarded items create spaces where people can easily hide from the hunter and make quite a comfortable life of a predator. Boxes, barrel construction, iron and Board, logs and beams is an artificial material, as if specially arranged in depth in order to live here deep spotted the Queen. If you find in the Gulf is a place that can test your luck.

A good option for hunting in the deep pike may be the territory of the deep stones. If we bottom there are boulders and stones that lie there in abundance, why not try to find deep-sea predator.

And finally, try to explore other places. Dark and deep underwater sites always attract fish, and that’s why the pike fishing you can catch other fish, e.g., perch, who also loves deep, dark underwater town. Brown is a big fan of depth sometimes affects their weight, which can reach up to eight hundred grams.

Maybe you might catch walleye, however, will be no less a pleasant surprise. Fish, and related pike fishing, at times it will bother you, it put a very different task. However, this result has its own advantage. And even if you can not find the needed deep pike but you can catch some excellent carp, plus perch or grouper – consider fishing you managed. It is much better than to remain without a catch. But the fisherman who does everything for his success, be sure to catch one of the rarest instances, and they could easily be even the pike in a hundred pounds.


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