How to find current grouse

Yak's viviti grouse strum

Since ancient times, hunting grouse, was adopted in the current period of this bird. The spring hunting on-current represents the most impressive and unforgettable holiday. The spring behavior of birds on a current – simply a stunner, which affects any of their colours, sounds and unique as just awakened from the winter sleep of nature. It is no exaggeration to say that the birthplace of this type of hunting is Russia. Thus at different times, hunting for grouse was permitted in different periods and seasons. Today the rules of spring hunting allow hunters to hunt grouse only in terms of the current cover.

Places that grouse chooses for her spring current can be constant not to vary from year to year. If not to be lazy and to exert enough effort, the current of this bird is relatively easy to find. The main condition active current grouse is good weather, and to hear the burble of the marriage of these Kosachev, it is often possible from a distance of a kilometer and more. Like all members of the family chicken, grouse can’t stand rainy and inclement weather. In a quiet, Sunny morning, their interpretation may be particularly active. Frosty nights can be an additional stimulant active current black grouse. However, the peak of its activity, the grouse reaches at the moments when the current visits the female grouse. For the Central regions of our country, this period may account for at the end of April, and for the North – for the first half of may.

To carry out the RAID on intelligence, to identify grouse current, it is necessary at dawn. Muttering birds can be heard in the morning silence of the forest, at a distance of a mile, and cofinance for 300-400 meters. To go in the woods is necessary avoiding sudden movements and avoiding the release into the open space. Despite the hum and noise is at the current time, displaying birds are extremely cautious and can go for 200-400, or even more meters, he saw a man. Some of the features of the local landscape, can create a false impression. Hunter it seems that the bird Lek in the immediate vicinity, although in fact it turns out that the distance to current is more than hundred meters. Therefore, in the process of finding current, will be an indispensable accessory such as binoculars. Finding the display of the pack, you should not approach her. It is best to remember this place and return to it at dawn. If you scare away current, the results of tomorrow’s hunt may be not so successful. A scared bird will behave more carefully and cautiously the next day.

The next visit of the current, it is best to spend after his graduation. It should be noted that the interpretation of the grouse, there is a mandatory break for feeding. During the search for and eating the roosters shut up, make their bold, flowing fan tail and gradually and imperceptibly move on the territory of the current, along the way, pecking away at the rest of the world from seeds or young seedlings. At the same time, from a distance, might give the impression that the shock is over and the birds flew away. At times, grouse, without any apparent reason can fly on standing birch trees to feed on buds. The current is not over, after eating, the animals are back to the current. If the morning was frosty, the current can reach peak activity after eight in the morning, when the sun’s rays begin to bake the earth. By 10 a.m. the current is coming to an end and at this time it is already possible to come to the place. From the trampled grass, litter and the remains of the plucked feathers are a sign that the fighting birds were held in this place. After studying the area and determine where the greatest concentrations of birds at a little distance it is possible to build a hut.

Hut for such a hunt, is being constructed directly in the daytime, birds are unable to detect the presence of traces of man in the place of their mating. If the hunter already knows many years the place of courtship of birds, the tent can be build for a few weeks before the start current. This is considered to be the most successful, as the bird will get used to the sight of an unusual structure and will be displaying in close proximity. For the construction of designs of the hut, as a rule, use the felled nearby and pointed to the bottom branches of young trees, which are stuck into the ground in a circle and entwine with branches of spruce or pine. During the construction design in the field, it is disguised with hay or from grass. To dress for such hunting must be very warm. Warm hat, mittens and even boots can guarantee comfort and, accordingly, good hunting.

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