How to find and successfully ohitse a bird «Dupel»

How to find and successfully ohitse a bird

After their appearance dupel resembles a snipe, but it differs from it at once on a number of parameters. This is a very naughty bird, she is not on any swamp and carefully choose a place to stay. Especially this is a bird of swamps with mud and sources, sometimes they have to be bumpy. It is important that was in the swamp shrubs, then dupell will definitely choose it as their domicile.

But if the conditions change significantly over the years, and rains alternate with drought, the birds are moved to new locations. That is why they are not recommended every year to look at the same place, and the probability of success in this case is not so high.

Flight of birds in spring starts much later than snipe, but lasts a long time. In the middle lane of the span starts from mid April and can last until the end of may.

During migration birds stay in flocks, but spread out across the swamps alone. All the time of flight of dupel silent, only upon arrival to the nesting ground, the birds start displaying. Hunting in spring for this species is prohibited, it is at this point in birds appears brood, and ejection of Mature individuals is lost offspring.

In mid-July, the offspring becomes on the wing, moved to the bows for feeding. Many birds dwell in the bread, this is where the greatest amount of feed to put on weight before the fall. In late July, the Mature birds are done molting and also fly to places of internship.

Usually this bird is very tame, so close she let the hunter with the dog. Even noticing the counter dogs, the vast majority of birds remain in place and not fly away. Stand not survive dupes that have already met several times with the hunters and was under fire, but was able to escape.

Raising dupes on the wing, shoot at him much easier than to snipe. Bird you’ll be slow and smooth flight, so it’s easy to calculate its trajectory and make an accurate shot. In the case of a miss, dupel sinks and it is difficult to find even for an experienced dog.

Hunting it is better to start early in the morning, at this time the birds are close to the feeding place, and they should be able to intercept the dog. On a hot day you need to take a break, then resume the hunt in the evening.

Dupes on the feeding places to stay rash, so you should carefully search the area, raising one dupes. Shoot required only if you are sure the defeat of the birds, otherwise it is better to give quietly to fly over to another place and then raise the wing.

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