How to find and catch catfish?

With the onset of warm days, more and more anglers are wondering how to find and catch catfish? And it is easy to explain. After all, fishing for catfish is almost the highest level of skill of the angler. So to speak, hanging Liga fishermen.

I should say that to get to it, or rather learn to fish this large and wily fish is not so simple. Experienced anglers, who are almost all salatniki, not in a hurry to share their secrets to catching this fish. Therefore, those wishing to learn the secrets of catching catfish try to look for any information that reveals the secrets to catching this fish. In this article, we will explain the basic rules, if you want the secrets to catching catfish at different times of the year.

Fishing for catfish in the spring

Spring catfish is a very cautious fish. From their winter places of residence (usually it’s the pits) trying not to move. Therefore, at this time there we need to look.

With the onset of warm days, late March — mid April, as the warm water he starts to go in shallow water. As a rule in greater degree for that would bask in the sun. Therefore, early in the spring he caught a better day when the sun is well-warmed up the water.

The most popular places for catching of a predator in the spring it changes depths, different eyebrows, and obstructed areas are not far from the shore.

The most active bite occurs catfish before spawning, which this fish comes with warming of the reservoir to a temperature of above 18 degrees. Then catfish, like all fish, after spawning, it hurts. And two or three weeks on the active bite can not count.

Fishing for catfish in the summer

As with the onset of warm summer days waking up and aktiviziruyutsya almost the entire diet of catfish (frogs, leeches, molluscs, small fish) special problems finding food this fish does not feel. This means that getting a it becomes even more difficult. For it is necessary not only to choose the right bait, but most importantly the right time and place of fishing.

In the hot summer days it is better to catch at night. It should be done, usually at shallow depths (1.5 – 2 m). This time he goes hunting from their permanent places of residence.

Also catfish don’t bite and rarely during the day. In most cases, pasarow rainy weather. Special activity it is famous for during a thunderstorm. In turbid water, usually after heavy rains it can be caught all day.

The most successful place catfish in the summer is the pits, snag the space and blur the coastal areas.

Fishing for catfish in the fall

This time of year is considered practically perfect for catching catfish. The most active biting of this fish comes in cloudy weather at a significantly reduced temperature. At this time he is trying to find their meals away from their homes.

To distinguish from the summer, when catfish are biting in the greater extent, only at night, in the autumn of this better to fish during the day.

At this time som going to of the pack trying to hunt near the wintering grounds. It is a deep pit. Therefore, it is necessary to catch in these places.

The fall bite can only be compared with before spawning. Catching catfish fat almost around the clock in search of food food. But it lasts not long . Starting from the month of November catfish become less active and voracious. This way you can see through the bites which become sluggish and not strong. Often first relishes catfish bait, and then swallows it. Therefore, at present it requires a certain endurance of the fisherman.

Fishing for catfish in the winter

And for lovers of winter fishing is also good news. Catfish can be caught in winter. Although many anglers believe that it is almost unreal.

The difficulty lies in the fact that winter catfish almost not moving. So the bait needs to slip him almost under his nose.

This fish overwinter in deep holes, therefore, need and search. This can be done with the help of sonar, or if You, a local fisherman, will take place this summer.

As for bait, differing from the spring and autumn periods, he actively takes artificial lures. Especially for silicone fish.

Catch the best of the West of Senec. Can and day, but in cloudy snowy weather.

Here are the basic rules of catching catfish at different times of the year. Using them, You will not remain without extraction. But, better still, just constantly practicing to record your observations, analyse them to use in fishing. The only way You can become a real Pro.

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