How to fabricate the skin of the animal

How to fabricate the skin of the animal

Before presenting some of the methods of tanning, we want to remind You that the information provided below is not fully described. It is important to understand that dressing also depends on the geographical location where it was caught by the beast, and not only on the type, age and so on.

Be vigilant and careful in order to do the development at home, You will need various chemicals that are very dangerous for human health. These compounds are stored in a separate from food, in a place where they will not be able to get a baby or a pet. Dishes must be sealed and chemical resistant. Be sure to study the instructions of each solution and follow the rules. For example, to dilute a solution of concentrated sulfuric acid, it is ACID slowly pour in the water and gently mix. Remember, and in any case do not do the opposite: do NOT ADD WATER TO SULFURIC ACID! The solution will begin to splash and hiss, which is very dangerous for Your life.

Use special gloves and thick clothes. Keep the solution away from your face. If acid does get on skin, immediately wash the burned areas with large amounts of water.

If You’re working with volatile chemicals, choose a well-ventilated area.

Always remember fire safety when working on cleaning and degreasing of fur.

How to fabricate the skin of the animal

Tanning fur consists of three stages:

1. The first stage is pikeliene. Aqueous solutions of acids affect the skin. The pickle — water solution of salt and acid at different concentrations. You can use the following components: sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and acetic and to a lesser extent, formic and lactic. Remember that when using sulfuric or hydrochloric acid, as the skins will not live long. The skin loses its elasticity and softness. Hair can turn brown, become less bright. Be sure to conduct the neutralization of these acids, to improve the quality of the fur, but remember that it is physically impossible to remove all of the acid on the skin.

It is best to use acetic acid. Skin will have a pleasant view for much longer. Example acetic composition: 15-35 ml of concentrated acid + 40-50 grams of salt in one liter of water.

If a strong acid is absent, in one liter of water can take 20-50 ml of 70% acetic essence.

2. Stage tanning

3. Stage bills.

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