How to equip cartridges for shot guns in the home

How to equip cartridges for shot guns in the home

Most of the hunters tries to charge the cartridges for shot guns of their own, sometimes using rule – shoots, Yes, okay. Buy gear shotgun ammo in a hunting store. Some masters refer to this business more responsibly, and show creativity.

All hunters and sports shooters should be aware of : how to restore metal and paper shot shells, and use them to re-firing, to be able to charge the cartridges with different types of grouping, to treat the surface of paper cartridges with a special solution, to improve their reliability and resilience in the moisture, cut paper cartridges to match the length of the chamber, to hold gear shotgun ammo bullets and buckshot.

Before the equipment of the ammunition necessary to conduct a thorough inspection of the cartridges, insert the capsule, to hold the weight and measure of powder, for filling it into the sleeve. Then put in new liner paper gasket, insert the felt wads and conduct doilce the previous composition. The next step will be weighing and adding Grabovogo of the projectile, the teaching of the wad, twist on the free edge of the hole of the sleeve, labelling of all manufactured bullets. After completing work on finishing the new cartridges, make their review and lay the shotgun pellet casings with defects. A few rounds from a new batch, try to shoot with caution and safety. Then put the cartridges in boxes, for easy storage and transportation.

Working space for equipment of cartridges should be comfortable, have an additional powerful light source. Clear all unnecessary to the process, not to look for the right tools among other things. Prepare such conditions, so the charge of shotgun ammo would take less time. During the work will inevitably undergo precipitation of some particles of powder or pellets, to avoid contamination of the table, put on his newspaper, then a sheet of thin cardboard (it closes all the irregularities and roughness of the surface) and at the end put a plastic tray with low bumpers. On the tray you can put a container of gunpowder on it and fill the powder charge in the cartridge case.

How to equip cartridges for shot guns in the home

Brings a lot of inconvenience to hunters and shooters getting water on the paper sleeve, it swells from moisture and becomes unusable. To avoid this, it is necessary to treat the external surface of the shells with linseed oil and give a good opportunity to dry for 3 days. Then the sleeve is repeatedly treated with linseed oil so that the oil is well soaked into the paper, and not lying layer on the surface. If you don’t have linseed oil, you can substitute melted paraffin or wax.

Numerous practice has shown that the hunter may efficiently charge the shotgun pellet ammo at home, but with portions of the fraction is not more than 40 grams. The sum of the characteristics of these cartridges can’t be worse than the specialized factory, and in some cases even surpass them.

There is another way of filling cartridges. It comes with okucnica Lancaster or ring Alley, and the shells have a drilling cylinder. Scrap paper cartridges should be free to pass through the barrel of a gun. Loaded with shot, powder, and wad the sleeve retracts the paper ring and pushed in a fraction to the brim. With the help of awaynike shuts up the hole of the ring, flips down and well otrygivaetsja. Then Ellea ring until the stop is forced into the sleeve, and it is tightly round the upper part of the shell. After all these steps, it is necessary to turn the sleeve and pressing the wad to tighten the sleeve.

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