How to drill hole drill

In this article we will give some advice to fishermen on how to properly drill holes drill during winter fishing. During the drilling of the first hole be sure to count the number of revolutions of the drill committed to the full drilled hole. Thus, you will know the approximate thickness of the ice on the pond. This is to ensure that during drilling the following holes in them already out of the ice baby, and it would not have to pull.

Next time just have to make a couple of turns of the drill is smaller then pull out the crumb, and then overliving hole. Left a small amount of crushed ice floating in the hole, it will only darken it a bit without creating obstacles for lowering the lure into the water.

After drilling to get the drill out of the hole, applying force. This should be done as accurately as possible, rotating it in the opposite direction and removing the chips with a slotted spoon or ladle. Shards of ice out of the hole you need to immediately rake in a heap, otherwise they will be unpleasantly crunching underfoot the loud sound after the freeze to the ice. This sound could easily scare away all the fish in the area. When drilling holes in shallow water be careful not to accidentally drive the corer into the sand, which can lead to the necessity of sharpening or even replacing the knives.

Holes for winter fishing, typically round in shape, however, there are exceptions. Sometimes with the help of pawns, it is desirable to make the side arm in the hole, in order to facilitate access to the ice of large fish. When fishing for pike it is recommended to slightly trim the bottom edge of the hole so that it is with cylindrical shape was conical. The fact that pike actively resists when angling, with the result that the fishing line goes in a circle around the edges of the hole and can pererytitsa on its bottom edge, if he previously not break.

Once you arrived at the scene of winter fishing, it is better from the start to prepare from ten to fifteen holes at a distance of about two meters from each other. Moreover, it is desirable to fill them with snow, so they slowly froze. By the way, the old frozen holes left behind by other fishermen, drill is highly undesirable, because they are likely just drill periodically to jam, ultimately leading to the fact that drilling the old holes you will spend more time than drilling a new one.

After the work of drilling the required number of holes done, in any case should not put a drill on the snow, especially in the bitter cold. This can lead to the fact that the knives have borax covered with an icy crust, and they have a long and tedious beat. Moreover, it can bring a layer of snow, and the arm will be covered with ice, and work with this drill will be very uncomfortable. So it’s best after use to vertically wrap the drill into the ice a few times and leave it in that position.


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