How to drill a hole

On arrival at the pond, take the time to start to perforate ice. This business requires haste! Safely select and prepare the site for your fishing. If your chosen pond is often visited, it will not be superfluous to look for in the snow recent stay fishing enthusiasts. About already done the holes can be of various notes, telling how successful were fishing. It seems that it may be difficult to drilling hole? Took the ice pick and drilled the hole. However, there are some nuances.

1) First, let’s talk about location of the wells. Positioning the hole so that the wind direction rested on your back, and the ice will thrown in the direction from which it blows. On the opposite side should not be ice. Because fishing line is the wind, and because of this she will cling to ice cubes, as a result, we lose our time, spending it on the disengagement line. This will be a particularly important factor when a considerable depth. The hill of ice to windward, we can use as a small «stand» for the rod. Sole shoes little primem our hill, in order to smooth out the existing irregularities. You should also prepare a place for fishing box.

2) Drilling holes should happen in quiet mode. You’re not in competition at the speed of drilling holes where the ice is leaky in just a few seconds. Here, you will not have to rush. We came to rest, right? So it is not necessary to make tremendous efforts to your alpenstock. Well sharpened ice pick will easily go through any ice under its own weight. The only thing required of you is to hold it vertically and slowly rotate the handle.

3) If you hit thick ice, do not try to drill it completely in one pass. Of course, with perfectly sharpened blades, this lesson will not be difficult. But still you should refrain from it. Better you spend a little more time, a couple of times pulling the ice axe from the hole and a screw will throw the crumbs of ice, because they significantly affect the rotation. Pull out an ice pick and push from foot ice ice. Forgot, in what direction? Properly, aside from the wind!

4) carefully finish drilling the hole, if you will fish in shallow areas. It is likely that the ice will lay on the bottom of the pond, and if you just put the knives in the sand, we have or sharpening, or to replace. A few revolutions of the blades on the sand, will lead to their loss. That’s why the best option would be a couple of times in a row to shake out the ice chips from deep holes, it will give us the opportunity, turn after turn to get closer to the danger zone. If, under the ice will be water, the lower edge of the hole will be wet . And if, seems the sand, it will also be seen, should immediately stop the rotation of the ice pick.

5) do Not abruptly remove the ice pick from the resulting hole, trying to quickly remove kakati. As for this purpose, came up with a ladle and a slotted spoon. It is advisable to carefully poke the ice pick, while rotating it in the opposite direction, maybe you should make a couple of revolutions, cutting off the available performances of ice on the bottom edge. Otherwise, if we leave them, we may lose trophies and bait.

6) Inappropriate to remove all the ice from the hole. Will wisecam part of the ice, and in the remaining crumbs will make a hole in the middle hole with a thin stick. The ice will protect the hole from sunlight. He may scare the fish.

7) If you are going to fish several rods at the same time, the distance between the holes should be about half a meter. Otherwise you risk to get lost in Lisky at pulling fish.

8) And last. After making the hole, do not put your ice axe in the snow, especially if a severe frost on the yard. Knives ice axe will be covered with ice, which will have to fight off some metal object. To avoid this unpleasant moment, it is better to serverlet ice pick about ten revs, not far from himself that he was in an upright position. In this position, the blades of the ice axe will not be covered with ice crust, and plus, the arm will stay dry.

So drilling holes was easily his knives need to be sharpened!

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