How to do the dressing of the skins of fur animals

Nowadays there are many ways of tanning leather. This article will try to explain a simple and proven methods. The sequence of currying is this: the soaking – washing – fleshing and degreasing – pickling – tanning – drying – finishing.

Before you start dressing, you need to examine the skin for the presence of contaminated resins, which in case detection need to remove with alcohol.

Soaking is a process which aims maceration of the skins processed before this fresh-dry method. Is done by using a salt solution with a concentration of 40-50 g. to 1 liter of water. To prevent the development of microbes in the solution, add a special antiseptic. Every 12 hours should change the solution. The process should be carried out to soften nose and paws.

Wash. Need to wash the skin in warm, but not hot water with detergent. During washing to wash the skin from the sand, and also to remove the smell of dog fur. After rinsing, the skin is drained, the scrapings at this time, RUB with a dry cloth.

Fleshing – the removal of excess fat, membrane and meat on the skin. To do this, pre-stretched on a Board to scrape the rind with a blunt knife from tail to head. In the case of qualitative primary processing of fleshing will be easy. You should avoid exposing the roots of the hair on the skin.

Pickling – a way of currying, which gives a large peel strength and quality of the product. For pickling you need to take 200g. oat or rye flour and stir in 1 liter of warm water, and should throw into the mix 20-30 grams of salt and 7 grams of yeast, 0.5 grams of soda. After cooling, the solution should be immersed in it skin. Booze need two days. This solution should be at least a couple of times to mix well to avoid formation of the film.

Picklemania can be used if there is no opportunity to prepare. The pickle is composed of 60 ml of acetic 70% acid, 30 g of salt. Should not be very strong pickle to avoid the destruction of the skin. Picklemania lasts from several hours to two days. After picklemania the skin should be pressed and folded in half. Next, you should place it under a small weight for 10-12 hours.

For pichavaram followed by drying skins on province. You first need to dry the flesh side up, and then fur down. The excess solution was removed. The final drying is necessary to carry out flesh side up.

Tanning done in a special solution of chrome alum, carbolic acid, or in oak or willow decoction. Willow is best suited solution. The skin should fully absorb the tanning agent, after which it is left for one day the hides are left lying. Then the scrapings need to be processed an emery paper.

To improve the water resistance of the skins is carried out the utility bills. Then follows drying of the skin and hair fur. Now, leather tanning is finished and the skin is ready.

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