How to disassemble, clean and cook wild rabbit

Today was a good hunt and you come home with a trophy produced in the form of a hare, and may be two, but now the question arises – what is with that trophy to do? The first thing to do experienced hunters a skinning and butchering. Next is required a good knowledge in the culinary business to svegina was prepared according to the rules of the art of cooking. And the third point — you need to properly preserve meat. Option with a freezer you are not very attracted to, but there are plenty of methods how to prepare a hare reserve, and after some time get pleasure from a useful product created by nature itself.

At the stage of field dressing, fabrication and cutting there are some nuances depending on your desires: you eat meat with or without blood, need hare pelt for dummies how shot the broken trophy and many others. First, you need to know how is removed from rabbit fur. This should be done by hanging the rabbit by the hind legs, and making them incisions near the toe. Then making it towards the anus, and with great care removed from the clutches of the skin. Circumcision of the tail doing one third of the end of the spinal Department. Cutting the tendons at the base of the front legs, using your fingers release them from skins. The process of removing the skins ends in the head of a hare, then the withdrawal shall be burrs, whiskers, eyelashes and nose. If you removed the skins from several birds, it is strictly forbidden to stack one by one, and transported in this form – the hare’s fur will be lost. To keep a rabbit skin to its full candle can be intensively rubbed in the membrane portion of regular table salt and sprinkle it outside surface. In this state it can be left for 4-5 days.

So, with the skin gone, it is time to start gutting the hare. To cope with this process, you first need to make a cut in the pelvis and opening the belly to the chest, scoop out the flesh. Next, use image and remove the guts: lungs, kidneys, heart and liver. Special attention should be paid to the removal of the gallbladder the liver, and if you damaged it, you should immediately rinse the carcass under running water and then soak it in multiple changes of water.

From hare you can cook many different tasty dishes, but a special love many hunters belong to the kebabs. Cooking recipes hare can be gleaned from many cookbooks that are sure to have every good mistress.

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