How to determine the trajectory of the winter spinners

To determine the trajectory of the spinner depending on the specific conditions of catching and installation of equipment is extremely important. It is known that the spoon «gvozdic», is not popular with fish. Especially in gluhozime.

To do this you can (and should) directly into the pond. At traffic spinners is affected by a lot of factors. Any other spinner when you change depth, speed and size of lift, thickness of line, the stiffness of nod, your game changes.

The trajectory of the spinner can be reduced to four options, namely:

•Baubles «gvozdic». In this case, after the stroke and releasing the fishing line fishing immediately feels very severe blow. Notice the ONLY shot. This happens at the moment of stopping the spinner, that is when she stopped vertical movement. This option is the worst.

•After a smooth lift and reset spinner kicks is not felt. So the spoon smoothly plans in the water column.

•After a reset of the line felt the shock and after a certain period another. The first blow felt after pulling the fishing line. After that, the jig moves in a horizontal plan. The second shot is the spinner took a vertical position. Note, the shocks are not strong.

•After a reset of the line feels the impact. Followed (almost immediately). The first blow is felt when pulling the line. The spoon is in a horizontal position. Immediately after the first second blow says that after the transition in horizontal position, the spoon sharply vertically goes down

The best option is one of the last two. Which to choose – to define fishing. By adjusting micropause can achieve the required result.

For this, it is first necessary to determine the amplitude of the spinner. We need to ensure that it had implemented all of its evolution with the rise in the value of the spinner, i.e. up to 10 cm And to the proper depth.

You can try to put another line. Although at considerable depths (>5 metres) the thickness of the twine for a game spinner is not affected.

You can change the speed of recovery. At great depths it is better to make short but sharp strokes. The lure when it crashes up ahead of the line. And starts the downward movement without friction of the line on the water. That is, for some time, its movement becomes free, and it can demonstrate your ability to plan more fully.

Well, in the end, it is possible to change the spinner. If the trajectory of its movement is not satisfied with the angler, it is better to try this bait.

So if You do not have the capacity to test the lure should not get upset. The testing conducted on the pond much better.

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