How to determine the brand of the gun with no engraving

Typically, manufacturers specify the model of the gun directly on it and read the inscription. In some cases, gun owners face the problem when to determine its brand is not possible due to various reasons. As a rule, it’s an old gun, on which the inscription has worn off or the model is not initially granted.

The presence of computer and Internet allows you to easily solve the problem concerning the definition of models of weapons. First carefully inspect your rifle, learn all its details. Usually the markings are on the metal surfaces, in locations which are well visible. Factory, labels can be placed on the upper surface of the barrel, under-barrel area, on lateral and upper sides of the pads of the gun.

The stigma of different plants are different in appearance. Every arms manufacturer has its own system of marking. Labeling contains such features as the number of arms, year of issue, brand of factory tests, the caliber of the rifle, the length of the chamber, steel grade etc.

Very well, if among the various characteristics is the trademark of the factory that manufactured the gun. Even if you do not specify the model, brand to brand, it can be fairly easy to determine. The mark assigned to the plant or firm may be in the form of a special icon or monogram. Usually brand labels are applied to the receiver, the metal plate on the sight leaf, on the upper surface of the trunks.

Each Armory has its own trademark. For example, rifles, manufactured at the Izhevsk plant will have the designation IZH, Tula – the letter T enclosed in a circle, which is located in the square. After establishment of the manufacturer, go to its official website. In the corresponding section of guns, using a creative approach, you need to look for your model.

The similarities should be in appearance, performance, dimensions. If it’s a match, then this is your model. If a gun is missing labelling and the manufacturer is impossible to establish its origin can be identified by reference, using the method described above.

For each type of gun (smoothbore, single-barrel, rifled, shotgun with a different arrangement of barrels, etc) there is a corresponding directory.

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