How to cut up the carcass of a bear and ungulate

The butchering of bears and ungulates is carried out within a small period of time after shooting. Before that, the carcass should be bled. Long knife cut in the lower neck area in the direction of the heart, thereby revealing the great vessels. No need to cut the throat across – it will spoil the appearance of the skin. For rapid and complete bleeding of the carcass is arranged so that the front part was lower back. Among boars during bleeding cut genitals.

When the carcass is drained of blood, you should immediately start cutting. Extract of the intestine must be made within two hours after the death of the animal. Cutting is made on the flooring of boards, cleansing the litter or in a special room – cutting. In the first place is the skinning.

Further processing is carried out on it. First, remove the inside with a knife with the circumference of the rectum (female and encircled in a loop). Then gently opened the abdominal cavity so as not to damage the organs. Experienced hunters recommend to use for this purpose a knife with a blunt end. Through an incision carefully made to extract the bodies. This is followed by the removal of organs of a thorax of the carcass. Notched chest, remove heart, lungs, trachea and esophagus. If in the cavity of the carcass too much blood, it needs to be drained. To do this, simply turn the carcass on its side.

When the carcass is eviscerated, it is necessary to conduct a cut. To do this, separate the head from the body. Then split the carcass along the spine into two halves. Every part is milled. In order that the meat was comfortable to use, its processing should be carried out in a high-quality division. Butchering of the carcass of the bear cut the fat, the carcass is divided into the two rear hams, two shoulders (with the legs), chest and neck. Then separate the legs, which are used for cooking of jelly. Then separate the internal organs, especially the gall bladder carefully. Bear bile is a valuable product that is used for medical purposes. Also useful boar gall bladder. In all treated animals are separated by-products: liver, heart, lungs and kidneys. In cooking, use deer and elk stomach for meat loaf. Intestine of animals used for sausage factories like the natural casing for sausages. The colon must be freed from content and place to the side of the other organs.

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