How to cook semolina for fishing

Every avid fisherman knows how to cook semolina for fishing. And how many times she rescued in the days when the fish wants to bite… This nozzle is most like the river dwellers in the summer. Munk at the same time strong and delicate, it is a plastic texture, but it does not prevent it hold well on the hook. Of course, all this has long been familiar to the experienced fishermen, but beginners will not hurt to learn how to cook semolina for fishing.

There are several ways of cooking.

You will need:

– semolina,

– pan

– water,

– an empty matchbox,

– flavorings,

old stocking.

1st method

In the kitchen, take two identical glass. In one of them, place the semolina, and the other fill the water. However, note that their levels were the same. And then the water pour in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Slowly pour semolina, stirring from her spoon. Once with constant stirring you get a homogeneous mass, can remove the saucepan from the heat, but let not stop.

Semolina rather quickly absorbs moisture, so make sure that all grains were soaked, immediately throw away the dry lumps. Then cover the pot and wrap it in a warm scarf or towel, let it stay like that for half an hour to complete swelling. Next, you need to wait until the semolina has cooled to such an extent that it was possible to hold in hands (while it should be hot) and carefully promes her, adding a few drops of fragrant oil.

Many fishermen share swollen semolina into several parts to add different flavors or oil and see what they bite better. Moreover, no one knows what flavor of fish comes this time, as her tastes change frequently. Received the balls you can put in individual cellophane bags and go to catch fish.

The 2nd method

Some fishermen know another way to cook semolina for fishing, and the result of their not worse.

Take an empty box of matches and tightly fill it with semolina (you can also add flavor). Tightly close the boxes and tape it on all sides with the help of threads. All of it dipped in the boiling water and boil about an hour. Then remove, cool and remove from the carton. In the end you’ll have a uniform Manne the block, which can easily be cut with a knife on the portions that you will need to fish size. For such nozzles is not terrible, even a very strong current.

3rd method

There is another way how to cook semolina for fishing, although it is not require cooking.

Find an old stocking and pour the semolina in there (the number of define yourself). Tie the stocking to the faucet and rinse it under cold running water. To expedite this process, at the bottom of the stocking put your hand and slowly lower, then raise it, thereby passing through semolina water. Thus, the fine particles of the stocking will be washed out, but it still has a mass that resembles rubber than on the rump. Here is your head ready.

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