How to cook fish soup?

The tastiest fish soup prepared on the bonfire at the water’s edge with a hand still raised from his fish. So. At home so yummy will do. And not the smell and taste… But the thing is, nowadays very few fishermen can weld the ear, though many try. And why? Forgotten the old traditions, the recipes were more «domesticated». But nothing, still got the old fishermen, who without any objection, share secrets in the preparation of this purely «fishing» dishes.

The ingredients you need to cook soup:

  1. First and foremost is fish. Without it, get the usual soup.
  2. Potatoes.
  3. Onions and carrots.
  4. A lot of greens: dill, parsley.
  5. Pepper, salt, Bay leaf.
  6. And of course, a shot of vodka.

First you need to catch fish, and the more the better. Suitable roach, pike, perch, ruff, perch, crucian carp. Remember the most important rule – the smaller fish, the smaller takes the pot.

What begins cooking soup?

Often soup is cooked for a large and friendly company, so it is all together to participate in the preparation of this dish. Some people go in search of old branches and wood for kindling a fire, while others (mainly women (wives of fishermen)) purge got fish. After all, this is a useful lesson for those who did not participate in fishing. So be honest, because often women simply sunbathe in the sun, swimming, laughing, discussing makeup and women share their surprise», while men are nervous watching the bite, bait and angling trophies.

But the process of making them should not be trusted – ears likes male hands.

As soon as it is kindled the fire – worth it put a pot of water. While it boils, to do sliced potatoes, onions, carrots, and of course, chop the greens. Once the water is boiling – throw in her potatoes, and in the process of cooking, remove the formed foam. When it is cooked – add onion and carrots. To cut them is possible: rings, half rings, stripes, and even asterisk. After the water in the pot a little prikipela – salt ears, and only then add the fish. As long as it was well-cleaned and washed (without gills and dorsal fins – they give the bitterness).

And finally add the greens, and with it, a shot of vodka or good brandy. You can also add a Bay leaf, but in any case, Basil or cumin – it will spoil the dish. Well that’s all, wait until the fish is cooked, and soup can be consumed. Often still hot it is poured into cups and drink slowly, enjoying its taste and nature.

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