How to collectively hunt the hare,secrets from experienced hunters

How to collectively hunt the hare,secrets from experienced hunters

The rabbit is a furry animal of small size with long ears. Unique features of the temper and character of these animals are influenced by the environment and other conditions of permanent residence. Often this animal can be found in the forest-steppe zone, while the animal is trying to constantly hold these locations where you can quite easily hide from danger and find their own food. Such places are often quite roughly ploughed fields, small aspen, a weed, not yet harvested fields and many crops. The hunting of the hare is interesting, first of all, the fact that any hunter, even the most skilled must be able to understand this cunning and quick of the beast, to deceive and to calculate all of his actions in advance. Quite often in a variety of literary sources there are a variety of descriptions for the hunt. But it is worth considering that over time, each hunter sycotic forms its hunting style which can depend on many principles and factors.

The most profitable and the simplest way to hunt this nimble long-eared beast, which is more suited for novice hunters, there are collective hunting. Reasonably and competently organized process provides participants not only unity with nature and receiving the desired trophy, but also interesting and rich communication with friends and associates. During the hunting collective in nature, there are always some special and unique moments, but they attract the young and inexperienced hunters the mystery of this process.

There are several types of collective hunting. It is a collective hunting with hounds, userco and approach. But each of these options involves a certain number of participants. Whichever way collective hunting, don’t have a group, a prerequisite is the choice of a senior or Manager of the whole process, the instructions of which it is necessary to clearly follow. This will help to avoid unnecessary disputes in the process of hunting, will help to follow a certain route and safety advice.

One of the most common varieties of this hunting is considered hunting a moving team that is scattered on the territory circuit. To organise an event of this type, the group of participants scattered in the forest chain. The participants, moving towards the nearby fields and farmlands, are trying to raise the hare with the seasoning. Thus, the distance which must be observed between people must be selected in accordance with characteristics of the terrain. In a forest, the best distance will be the distance about fifty meters, which will allow the chain members to strictly regulate the interval and it does not slip from each other. Such measures should help the whole group to avoid the shots, bearing the danger to other participants of the chain. In terms of open spaces, the interval, which try to keep the hunters can be to order more and make a distance up to 100 meters. In such hunting, permitted shooting at a target just ahead of him or theft. People who exercise in the woods or in the open countryside in the chain must hold and align the system, as well as to try to expel the hare, of all places, his lying.

This method of hunting hare is considered to be the most effective in terms of the number received by the hunters prey. People who chose for this campaign a certain direction and scattered across the territory can during the day to scour several areas. Hunt collective at the hare, in warm autumn days and more frosty winter days. However, the more pleasant it will be such hunting in the warmer months of autumn, when the weather still allows you to experience the charm of walking through the woods.

The best places for hunting chain can be called numerous woods, which constantly change removed fields and shallow ravines. A great option could also become clearly visible places, such as solid the low, burning, or cutting. It was under such circumstances, to raise with the maturation of the big-eared beast and make him a sure-shot will be easier. To go out on a hunt, in a quiet and warm weather, in conditions where the nicer places to be among nature and it is easier to raise with maturation of the male to get him shot. Due to the biological features, in warm weather, it is the males more often have a rest on the beds. Thus, the actions of the hunter will not be able to cause significant damage to the population of hares, for which a higher priority quantitative predominance of females. In addition, this weather provides the hunter to more easily carry out the control over the production rate, which is, unfortunately, not always.

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