How to clean smooth-bore weapons

The main task of cleaning shotguns is to remove acid residues, removal of sludge, polyethylene, lead from the barrel. At the end of the cleaning gun should be lubricated.

For cleaning the gun you need a special steel brush to remove lead, brass brush the size of the chamber your gun, Visscher, bristle brush, neutral oil spray, powder puff, gun oil, white cotton fabric.

Step by step instructions.

1. Disassemble the gun. Complete trunks, foam, alkali sprinkle a little oil spray. Then soak spray the outer part of the trunk. Treat the receiver with a spray. All treated parts of the gun should be left for 10 minutes .

2. Take a cleaning rod and using Vishera screw a piece of white cloth . Twice go ramrod the barrel from the breech and ending with the barrel. The gun barrel should be wiped dry.

3. The procedure described in paragraph 2, you need to perform 2-3 times.

4. Now go laconium brush with a cleaning rod from the tissue in the direction from the chamber to the chalk. This procedure must be done very carefully. Do until until the cloth is clean.

5. Wet down a special gun oil and grease guns from the chamber and ending cocoa.

6. Assemble the gun.

Cleaning a hunting rifle.

The main task of the hunter is a capture different animals in order to get meat, fur, feathers, fat. What would a hunting rifle will last you a long should properly care for it.

Yak correctly cleaned gladkostvol weapons

In order to clean a hunting rifle you will need: rags, cleaning rod, turpentine, kerosene, wire brush.


1. from the beginning, you need to remove the accumulated soot . For this you need to use a cloth soak it in dehydrated kerosene.

2.Put the shotgun in an empty container, barrels down, this is the perfect bucket. Now, take the boiling water and gently pour through the breech. After this procedure will remove carbon deposits and soot.

3. take a cleaning rod wound with a clean cloth and clean the barrel. After the grease with kerosene.

4. if trunks Packed with lead in order to be clean you need to take a steel brush soaked in turpentine. After you have completely cleaned the gun, apply a neutral oil. With a clean cloth to clean all parts of the gun and lubricate them a bit with vaseline. Also put a few drops in the holes of trigger and the strikers.

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