How to clean a hunting rifle

Cleaned the gun it is necessary after each hunt, otherwise the mechanism rusts. With regular care of hunting weapons, cleaning takes only a few minutes. For cleaning you need the following materials: a hunting rifle, metal brush, cleaning rod, clean dry rags, dehydrated kerosene, turpentine and cleaning rod, cleaning brush.

First we need to disassemble the gun, cut the rags into smaller pieces and screwed the brush to the cleaning rod. On top of the ramrod should be throw rag, insert the design into the barrel to the end several times and wipe the inside of the barrel throughout its length. Next, get the brush, change to a clean rag and continue to wipe the barrel until the rag does not become at pulling unspotted. It only remains to coat the barrel with oil on the inside. Keep left ungreased plots, otherwise the gun will rust. Then assemble the gun and also oil-impregnated cloth to gently wipe the entire outer surface of the arms. After performing all these steps, the gun can be closed in the safe and it will be fully ready for the upcoming hunt.

There is another method of cleaning gun that uses a lot of hunters. To begin, disassemble the gun, wipe clean with a soft cloth moistened with kerosene the inner part of the barrel to remove all the soot that settled there. Remove the oil from all the mechanisms, put the gun down the barrel and on the breech cover with boiling water. The hot water will help dissolve finally the soot and grime. Clean with a dry cloth, wipe the barrel and completely remove dissolved carbon from black powder. Awhile, leave the gun to dry, and when moisture will disappear completely, wipe the mechanisms of dehydrated kerosene to eliminate the left lead. If the gun is long understood and inside it has accumulated a large amount of lead, additionally treat the barrel with a wire brush soaked in turpentine. Having done all the above steps, smear gun with oil. Be careful while cleaning the gun did not hit the dirt. Then finally treat the inner and outer surface with kerosene and vaseline. Put the gun in the safe, and the next day to inspect the gun and if necessary, repeat the cleaning.

After hunting season the gun put on conservation. This weapon is thoroughly clean and lubricate nigrol. Before the start of next season nigral removed with a cloth soaked in gasoline or kerosene.

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