How to choose the semiautomatic model gun

How to choose the semiautomatic model gun

Before hunting season, before any hunter is a very important question of the choice of the gun. And many are thinking about purchasing a machine for duck hunting. The theme, which variant of the weapon, a shotgun or semi-automatic machine is best suited for this purpose has been discussed long enough and the day before every hunting season opens again and again.

The first semi-automatic shotguns models appeared in the early 20th century. The Creator of a new class of weapons has become legendary John Moses Browning, who developed semi-automatic model Auto-5. In their work the new model used the recoil power of the barrel when it is a long stroke for reloading. At the beginning of the last century, the development was sold to a European company, which began serial production of this model.

How to choose the semiautomatic model gun

The main problem, the use of the first models of semi-automatic rifles, which intrigued from the creators after the first commercial success of these devices was the need to use only a certain variety of cartridges and ammunition. That is why the developers of this weapon, the first time was very busy looking at possible solutions, which could enable the use of various types of ammunition with these guns. Thanks to many years of painstaking work of engineers and developers, the current models of semi-automatic, have the chamber 12/76, can be perfectly used with cartridges of a different caliber. In addition, it increased the average weight fraction. This technological leap made models are semi-automatic rifles are the most popular and favorite among hunting enthusiasts.

Almost all experienced hunters and experts do not recommend the use of semi-automatic models for beginners. It is believed that every hunter has to come to the use of repeating rifles, only after he will be able to appreciate and understand all the peculiarities of its use.

The model with the inertial mechanism of recharge represent the best design. In the process of the shot, when the whole structure is moving backward, the shutter under the pressure of the return spring moves forward and thus docile in the trunk of another charge. The disadvantages include the inability to shoot light batches of a fraction.

How to choose the semiautomatic model gun

Model with movable trunk became the first that went on sale, but because of the increased complexity of the device and its reliability are not produced to date.

Venting slots can be called the undisputed leaders in the number of acquisitions. Due to the simplicity of production and design, the cost is quite affordable. The main advantages of such models can be called excellent rate of fire and capacity. But the disadvantages include the fact that in the care of such weapons will have to clean the venting mechanism, the barrel and the receiver with the bolt.

In the domestic market today there are a huge selection of different semi-automatic models that operate under different systems. The only feature that is inherent in all modern models of semi-automatic machines is the lack of variety of calibers. Most semi-automatic models presented in our market have a 12 gauge and 12 Magnum. In conclusion, it is worth noting that in many countries hunting with semiautomatic considered unethical or even prohibited by law. However, local hunters may use these weapons without adjusting for such features.

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