How to choose the right weapon for hunting knowing the place

Every little boy in his childhood loved to play war and wanted to have weapons. And what was with delight when my grandfather gave a touch to his hunting rifle, and even better — have allowed a couple of times to shoot from it. Years later, the boys would become soldiers and are holding a real weapon. And some of them follow in the footsteps of his grandfather and become hunters. But in order for them to become, not only to collect all necessary documents and obtain permission. You also need to choose the right weapon.

Market weapons for hunting has a wide assortment to get confused which is very easy. How to choose exactly what you need? Let’s deal.

For starters, you need to decide for what purpose you want to buy a gun. It can be guns for hunting, protecting your home or self-defense. Shotgun with a short barrel is easy to carry. They can be multiply charged and having a movable fore-end. This option is useful for self defense but not for hunting. Choosing weapons for hunting, it depends on the conditions and animals that want to kill.

If you are going hunting in the forest, where dense thickets of trees and grass, more suited to short-barreled shotgun. When hunting for a free area, you can opt for the long barrel. He’s giving out, will not touch the bushes and you can easily shoot any bird. There is no one weapon is suitable for hunting, but you can choose the one that will be suitable in similar circumstances.

Hunting happens in the desert, the swamp and water and in the woods. On this hunt you can shoot a bird, hare, Fox — any of a large animal. For small prey is the perfect shotgun. The big game — wild boar, elk, better to take the carbine or rifle. Rifle more comfortable to use in open areas, since its long trunk, and in the woods with him can be confusing. For forest hunting, you should choose the carbine. It is necessary to consider this fact as .the physical data of the owner.

If the hunter does not have great strength, guns with a long barrel and large caliber bullets would be very difficult for him to carry. You also need to ensure that the growth of the hunter fit the length of the Lodge. This factor is crucial in hunting and arrow accuracy. Inexperienced arrow is better to buy two guns. One of the drilling cylindrical type, the other a gun with a choke. The barrel tapers towards the muzzle, which allows you to make the first shot out of the cylinder, and then finish off in the theft, if there was a mistake. This variation of the fraction will impress any removed loot.

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