How to choose the right weapon for Fox

Today we decided to talk about how to choose the right weapon to hunt a Fox. In fact, each hunter chooses the weapon and it is not surprising, but for each animal, as a rule, is a special weapon, so professional hunters in their Arsenal contains several different types of guns and rifles.

Fox hunting is not so easy, especially if you have not very much experience, then to meet this beast will be extremely difficult, and sometimes impossible. Fox, as a rule, very intelligent animal, he in any case does not give so many hunters even develop individual plans for their detention. You need to remember that before you do a strong enemy, Fox is very careful and most importantly smart beast. As it will not only depend on luck as well as your weapons.

Let’s look at the most popular types of hunting a Fox. Actually there are not many, but some of them are really effective. Fox hunting may occur with hounds, with flags, approach from a blind and ambush. Select the type of hunting also depends on weather conditions and your ability. Now we want to share with you my experience, how to prepare and conduct such a hunt. To choose a weapon for hunting the Fox, must start from your goals. Those hunters who want high quality and intact skin, you need to bring the beast as little as possible damage. Of course, professional hunters kill the Fox with just one shot from a rifle. For the beginner to do such a thing almost impossible, because without experience to get into the beast and kill with one shot would be almost impossible. Although if you luck, then, certainly, you will be able to make a great shot. Some hunters rely only on the pleasure, as well as the process of hunting, in this case they practically do not pay attention to their weapons and not produce single shots, and multiple. But eventually, seeing the bloodied and shot the beast, the pleasure from seeing you will bring.

Let us now we consider the choice of weapons to hunt a Fox with hounds. This type of hunting begins with chemotroph, and then is continued until snow cover will not affect the activity of the hounds and distract them. In fact, sometimes it happens, when leading the hunter on the trail, and then just lose them, in this case, all hope is vested exclusively on the huntsman, as hounds themselves can’t lead on the trail. The hunter it is necessary to detect the hole of a Fox, and then to make the most accurate shot. Standing is necessary for some shelter, however the sharp movement in any case can not be done. If Fox would suspect such an ambush, she’ll just go away and your ambushes will simply fail. All the actions you will have to start in another day or go to another hunting spot. As mentioned earlier, Lisa is a very intelligent animal, and therefore it goes far into the forest, at such a distance, that can not afford to go to the hunter even with hounds. Weapons you should lift only at the moment when a Fox hiding behind a tree, or rather its head, thus it will not be able to locate you. If the animal moves, then you need to calculate the exact place to shoot, and then waiting for that moment. For this type of hunting, you can choose double-barreled gun with extra barrels.

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