How to choose the right snowshoes

The first boots began to be used in Siberia, where the snow is very deep and falls when walking turn to release the legs from the snow. To overcome large distances was used skis that were failed by the skin of animals. To move for business needs wore homemade devices from willow. While nomadism in North America, climate change resulted in the rejection of the use of skis and hunters began to use snowshoes. They have become more refined, there was leather straps securely holds foot and wooden base – for easy walk on snow blockages. Hunt then brought the lion’s share of the income and the hunters had to go out into the woods in all weather conditions.

Modern snowshoes are made of quality materials. They are light and compact platform, which are attached to the feet and walking creates a cushion of compacted snow. Snow boots non-slip, the axis of rotation of the platform is directly under the foot. When walking don’t need a stick to maintain balance. Form of snowshoes of various oval, round, different parts of missiles or a tennis racket. The platform is made from birch, hazel, bird cherry, Rowan and alder.

Before selecting the suitable snow boots, you must determine the area in which you will use them. Frame design is more versatile, it can be used for long journeys through forest drifts. Alloplasty snowshoes are equipped with special teeth, which greatly facilitate the ascent to the mountain. They absolutely do not slip and the emphasis when walking is done on the heel. Pruinosae platform with a small tubular hole is used on the lowland forests, help to jump over obstacles and run. You should not choose a very large snow boots, the length is to the height of 3 your foot and the width is 1 foot. Pay attention to the specified weight, which can hold snow shoes, exceeding the target values is not recommended. Any boots should have a studded sole for reliable hold weight. Fastening is used with additional clips, they do not allow design to scroll around its axis.

For the first time wearing snowshoes, one is immediately able to go, because of special skills for such a walk is not necessary. Unlike skiing, where you need a long preparation. Some models are made along with shoelace top. To increase the balance of beginners to take a short ski poles. Snow boots easy, even for people with diseased joints, they have a soft step. The scope is very wide – they are used for exploring the forest area for hunting and fishing, sportsmen, snowboarders and climbers. Foot during walking remains relaxed, weight is transferred along the entire length of the foot. Snowshoes can be used without sticks, but then the movement should be wide and wide.

Mount near the sock includes one or more hinges for easy rotation of the deck around the Shoe. On the toe there is a large metal prongs that make it easy to cling to the snow cover or to climb the mountain.

Modern snowmobiles can be purchased at sporting or other specialty store, the lack of them. The range updated with new high quality models with different characteristics and design. Every year increasing their popularity. Now in the forests freely, you can see the chain move on the boots of people.

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