How to choose the right places for successful fishing

Real fisherman confidently to the place where in winter you can catch pike, perch or carp. To do this, just know that the pike lives in places where a lot of underwater greenery, and Sudak, on the contrary, is away from such places, as trying to hide behind large snags, rocks, and other shelters. And if the fishermen in winter fishing you want to catch a particular fish, then he must know the habitat of this fish and its habits. During the winter flight gear will fit any spot of a lake or river is one of the advantages of fishing in the winter. Unfortunately, what is happening under the ice fisherman are seen. This makes it «blind». But the real ice-fisherman in the summer and in the fall, tracking down the places where you can come to fish. He examined the surrounding area, meets flora, flow, depth, exploring the bottom: clay, stone, silt, etc. All of this then it will use that in winter to know where and what to fish.

In some places, rivers and lakes grow reeds, reeds, horsetails. Fish relate to these plants, each in its own way. Don’t like reeds that rustle loudly and scaring the inhabitants of the underwater world. Therefore, the latter is trying to circumvent the reeds. But the reeds for pike, perch, roach and other fish – Paradise: here some hunted, while others are hiding from these hunters.

But most of the reeds the fish like horsetail. Khvoschova Bush live in flocks large and small perch. Strange, but horsetail secretes alkali, which gives the water a favorable conditions for fish life. Water through the hollow stems of the horsetail enriched with oxygen. For the wounded fish khvoschova thickets hospital. There they are treated and gain strength. If you have thickets of horsetail, then in the water there are fish. But the fishermen here have to be very careful near the grasses and thickets of reeds and other vegetation, the ice is thinner than in the wilderness.

There are shallows, called «noses». «Noses» are among the deepest places. Why perches, large platum and other fish like them. That is if you find a coin, you can get a big catch even with him. In the underwater terrain sometimes it happens the ditch. This is a «fish trail». Not necessarily a ditch. This can be a mound or shaft, which extends in some direction. Underwater flora sometimes indicates the «path».

If a fisherman «caught» Elodie, he’d better get out of this place. Effects of the detergent indicates that from this hole, the catch will be poor, be on the hook only very small fish.

Interesting places in the water where the bottom consists of pebbles. Among small stones hiding fish food: bugs, worms, larvae. Rifts is also a habitat of various fishes. There is also a large fish.

In order to fish in unfamiliar places, it is necessary to know the size of the river, lake, pond, and their depth, which is the fish and cook a special fishing tackle.

It so happens that people just want to spend time and relax and enjoy the fun of ice fishing. To do this, simply find a secluded place to severity a few holes to lure and wait. Patient fisherman will get pleasure from this pastime: fish and fish, and rest in the fresh air.

«The more holes, the greater the catch,» according to some fishermen. But if the ice is thick, and the place of strangers? Efforts can be in vain. Here and useful abilities of these fishermen in the external environment (plants, rocks…) to find a place for catching fish.

You first need to measure the depth of the reservoir, to study the bottom topography and to locate for drilling hole. Or look for some other clues. If there is such a place, it is necessary to check for Pisces: go with the search rope on the hole and find out where and how to bite.

Or, drilling a hole, a place to lure and wait for the bite. Better to feed those places where there is fish.

If the angler drilling large number of holes, wanting to catch the big one, he’s wasting power and losing time. This method of search of habitats of fish and fishing is called a hot fishing. This method helps only to study the fishery and the fishing itself is the flight time may not remain.

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