How to choose the right footwear for hunting, depending on conditions

How to choose the right footwear for hunting, depending on conditions

Shoes is an important attribute of equipment any self-respecting hunter. If the shoes or boots pass water, you can catch a cold, and in the winter time and freeze up. Especially useful good shoes while overcoming great distances. The wrong sized shoes causes blisters, bleeding, sores and inflammation of the foot.

Hunting footwear should be comfortable, durable and help to disguise. Quiet tread provides a subtle stalking closer to the animal, and special processing retains human odor, which is important when hunting sensitive and careful forest dwellers.

Hunting for waterfowl, choose rubber boots with high or short shaft. They are not water tight and easy to repair in case of puncture. Bought these shoes several sizes larger, but make sure that it does not interfere with walking. For a long time in these boots to be not recommended, as they are poorly breathable and feet sweat a lot. The winter weather does not retain heat, they should be put on 3 types of socks – cotton, wool and fur.

Waders are used in the spring and autumn weather, they are made of Yalova extracts and experienced craftsmen impregnated with the hardware on which you will be sewing boots, castor oil and animal fat. As a backup used a wide Shoe. The length of these boots is always above the knees. Such shoes needs constant care, otherwise the boots will crack and leak water. After returning from the hunt you need to clean the shoes from dirt, wash thoroughly under running water and lubricated with a special ointment.

For large frost fit hemmed and old plumage one boots with the leather footbed. Boots you need to choose the exact size or they will interfere with walking, and the person will feel discomfort.

Spending most of their time in motion, choose light and comfortable shoes. Its quality will keep your budget and for every season do not have to buy a new pair of boots or shoes. Any hunting footwear worn along with woolen socks, bought 2-3 sizes bigger padded fur or rubber insole.

Choose quality socks, otherwise they would negate the process of oxygen exchange in the lower extremities. Basically good models are made of woolen threads with a touch of lycra and nylon. Cotton socks made of cotton and polyester durable, but the price is much lower.

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