How to choose the right bait

Every experienced fisherman knows that the right kind of bait for successful fishing. Unfortunately, the newcomers are periodically mistaken in their choice and inexperience take or lure too inefficient, or too expensive, but not suitable for their chosen fish. For a start, it should be noted that the bait includes a pretty limited selection and its basic types can be knocked out for four of a kind. Namely:


• The earthworm.

• Cake.

• Manka.

• Bread.

These types of bait are considered standard and are used by fishermen more often. Let us examine each of them.


On the use of earthworms in fishing and you know all this bait remains relevant to this day. Earthworm well caught: roach, perch and gudgeon. When fishing with earthworm every fisherman can be sure that the fish are not off the hook. The removal of a worm from the hook, in principle, takes a lot of effort and time, and the fish won’t be able to do so.

Not rarely know the fishermen divide the worm into several parts, it will increase the number of catch and bait.

Earthworms usually can be found in the manure piles or the soil, but it will have to go out of town and to visit the nearest village. For those looking for the easy way, is simply to visit the nearest market or pet store.


Cake is considered as the universal bait is suitable for all types of fish. The cake can be bought in any specialty store for fishing. In addition to the advantages of the cake can be noted its high cost. In General, to talk about her a lot don’t need: effective, not expensive and easy to use bait.


Among the advantages of monkey has a very low cost and the possibility of self-cooking. Manka is a great lure for catching fish is an avid fisherman. Semolina is not as rarely used as bait, and not just as bait. Unfortunately, Munk has one drawback: the malleability. Rarely happens is that the fish simply pulls the bait off the hook and swims away, leaving the fisherman without a catch. This is very rare, do not rule out this possibility of the outcome.


The bread generally used by fishermen for bait and least likely to be taken as a bait. However, many anglers do not often resort to it as a means for catching carp. For most other fish, unfortunately, bread is only suitable as foods and no more.

The examples above bait, but strangely, not the only one. Resourceful anglers not infrequently allowed in the course of snails, leeches and everything that comes to hand. Using your imagination and having a little more patience, everyone can choose the most convenient bait.

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