How to choose the right ATV for hunting

In modern society, the Quad is used not only to obtain the adrenaline from driving on it, but as transportation for fishing and hunting. ATV has a powerful engine and easy handling, embodies the characteristics of the jeep and the motorcycle – it is not only possible to ride on any roads, but also the severity around on trailers. This vehicle is not afraid of any weather conditions, also, it is possible to move through swampy places in the woods and fields.

The ATV will become a reliable assistant angler and hunter, as not everyone has the funds for the maintenance and upkeep of the SUV for infrequent departures on the nature. Besides, the car always can not get through the dense vegetation of the forest, he is clumsy and very voracious. Until the hunter gets this SUV up to places to hunt there. The ATV has a high speed, economical fuel consumption and the ability to perform various maneuvers.

For hunting large animals it is recommended to take a trailer for transporting trophies after the completion of the work. Once the carcass can be put in the trailer, not to drag myself to the stopping of the car. Modern ATVs can easily hold two hunters in full uniform or additional weight up to 300 kg. If you go hunting or fishing after a heavy rain, can not be afraid to get stuck in the forest – the Quad itself is able to pull with a winch and vagov.

On the road you have to take some tools and spare parts for emergency repair ATV:

•Repair kits tubeless tire;

•Hand pump;

•Spare spark;

•Cap and flat keys;

•Briefcase with screwdrivers and an axe.

ATVs vary in price – inexpensive for beginners to learn how to manage such a vehicle, and more expensive (casual and sports). It is not necessary to buy a fancy for hunting all terrain vehicles, just vehicle a powerful engine and wheels with high tread.

Clothing for Quad Biking is a little different from those used for automotive. In connection with the openness of the vehicles must always carry your motorcycle goggles and waterproof suit with a hood. The most comfortable clothing specifically designed for hunting. It can be purchased in stores, but it is not cheap.

Now some will acquaint you with the well-known manufacturers of quads:

•Creating first ATV in 1970, Honda has continued to take first place in the rating of reliable and stylish all-terrain vehicles. Their latest model TRX 680 A6 is equipped with an engine of 675 CC.

•Manufacturers of snowmobiles, Arctic Cat firm began to produce cars. They are powerful, brutal design of the vehicle itself, however, is equipped with shock absorbers, with system of electronic injection, four-wheel drive and independent suspension;

•The company Can Am manufactures sports and improved models of ATVs. Engine capacity is 800 CC and can carry loads up to 550 kg

•Suzuki specializing in the creation of powerful ATVs, but the appearance of them reminds agricultural worker on Monday morning. Includes 2 Luggage racks, air-cooled engine and hook for towing.

Each year the number of high-quality ATV adds to the Kaliningrad company Polaris. ATV Hawkeye holds a small engine, all-wheel drive, front and rear suspension for 178 and 203 mm.

•Manufacturer Yamaha has released a new sports ATV Rhino 660 that has a reinforced frame, engine capacity 650 CC, steering wheel and pedals as in a conventional car;

•The Chinese Keeway pleased with the model ATV 250 C. It is very fashionable in appearance, but the motor unit cylinder, and the volume it is 248 CC. is Perfect for a beginner as it is quite inexpensive.

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