How to choose the right ammo for hunting geese

Today there are many different types of hunting, so even shooting large buckshot at long range, is currently not such a rare species. Normal range a large fraction can be attributed to the distance of forty meters, and the side length may reach sixty meters. If shooting large fraction occurs at small distances, then there are probably no issues arise. So, let’s define what a fraction is best suited for different types of birds. Woodcocks experts recommend the use of the fraction under the number of seven or eight. On smaller grouse or Teal best shot at number six or seven. On big ducks, as a rule, the fraction will fit under the numbers four, five and six. If you plan to do the shots exclusively from long range, everything is more complex. In addition to the various nuances, requirements are set and the quality of the cartridge. After you have chosen the number of shot, you definitely need to make the adjustment individually. When zeroing is done, you should start treatment cartridge under your chosen number of shot, and, in General, to determine the distance.

During the shooting we recommend you to create a custom target which must be met in the square with a diameter of 76 centimeters. To the target is applied to the silhouette game. After the first shots, you will be able to determine in addition to the uniformity, stability, sharpness, and even to fix a certain percentage of holes that need to be on the silhouette. In principle, to determine the exact parameters is in any case not succeed, because every time you fire a shot from the holder to fly in different bands, but to the model output you will still be able to come.

Experts say that for long distances it is necessary to fit chucks with extra container. Our view is that this Council is indeed correct, but the containers usually can be quite different, which ultimately may lead the hunter astray. Today containers there are a large number, however, they differ considerably among themselves. Professional hunters, the number of containers may reach a few dozen, and there is absolutely nothing to be surprised.

So, as we have said, mainly we are interested in shots of large buckshot at extreme distances up to sixty metres. Successful shots from seventy meters and more, we decided not to consider, since only a few hunters manage to cope with the game at such distances. For a long distance is most often used rifle Magnum with heavy bullets, 76 or 89 mm. The wad-container can give good accuracy, and sharpness at zero temperature with small shot, which does not exceed 40 millimeters. All of these insights actually been confirmed, held a large number of experiments, where the hunters had chosen the more convenient and effective type of ammo for geese.

It is possible to identify one important point, if the wad is just not suitable in quality and design for the selected fraction, of the channel constriction and the barrel, then you can determine that this type of wad will not be able to increase the firing range. If you decide to look into the literature, then you will be able to choose the right shot for hunting goose, because the examples there are currently a large number and would be determined not so difficult.

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