How to choose the right ammo for 7.62 mm, as well as weapons for them.

How to choose the right ammo for 7.62 mm, as well as weapons for them.

Today you can detect only four types of ammunition 7.62 mm. As a rule, with a caliber the distance between the projections in General and rifled the barrel, and rifling (also called recesses). In another even if you are a novice hunter, then you must know how determined the caliber of the cartridge.

Let’s take a closer look at these pairs of caliber. Most often, hunters used ammo 7.62×39 hunting expansive and full-jacketed bullet. Such a caliber is designed for a large number of different guns. 7.62×51 is not less popular, it’s just a hunting bullet with expansible. To 7.62×53 cartridge sports are «Extra» (also this cartridge can be changed and modified under a specific type of weapon). There are also ammo 7.62×53 caliber, which are considered to be combat.

Let us now turn to the description of each cartridge separately, we will try to give detailed explanations, the cartridge should be used for specific weapons, and ammunition in any case can not be used in a weapon, which visually proves the possibility of firing these bullets. Cartridges of 7.62×53 are the most confusing because at the present time they began to affect differently and more precisely 7.62×54, in this way is denoted by bullets abroad, and accordingly domestic hunters can be misleading. For example, include Swedish arms firm called «Norm», it produces the options of hunting ammunition with an expansive poliobraces bullet only for rifles Mosin, wherein the impact cartridge 7,62×54 R. this type of ammunition is issued for implementation abroad, and accordingly when visiting a hunting store, you will be able to get acquainted.

Therefore, it is possible to identify that at the present time we have only three types of charges in 7.62×54. The most common cartridge today, is the combat, is completely shell bullet. This type of ammunition is used for firing various weapons, which the bore with a rifled no less 7,925 mm. For a given type of weapon is also suitable for hunting cartridge of 7.62×54 with an expansive.

Now an important question arises, – what are the types of shotguns you can use these cartridges? We decided to bring you some of the most common weapons, this «Tiger» KO-44 and ST-40,the rifle is self-loading rifles. For the combined hunting weapons, which refers to the indexing of MC and IL is possible to use these cartridges only if the trunk diameter is 7,925 millimeters, about it we already mentioned earlier.

Many will wonder why we so much focus? The fact that there have been such cases, when combined weapons manufacturers put a rifled barrel has a diameter of 7.87 mm, respectively, can be found here that these guns had previously developed exclusively for the sporting arms. Accordingly, when using fighting or hunting cartridge of 7.62×54 led to a significant pressure of the powder gases and in total, they can exceed more than 1000 kgf/cm2. So, when you go to buy weapons, you need to pay special attention. In shotguns, which are equipped loaded the barrel channel should be used solely sporting target rounds of 7.62×54, or equivalent.

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