How to choose the outfit of the hunter for each hunt

The quality of clothing and gear in General depends on the possibility of overcoming a hunter of all sorts of obstacles in front of any of them. Going hunting, you need to make sure the hunter is dressed up for the season as warm time of year to move easier in a comfortable and light clothing than a winter jacket. Also, the quality of the clothes is preferable to choose a protective camouflage, which reduces the probability to be opened in the ambush. Do not forget about a cap with a visor that protects the eyes from sunlight.

Season and clothing

If you go hunting for waterfowl, the ideal solution would be clothing made from Cape. First, it will be perfect to mask the hunter and secondly, it is waterproof and is ideal to protect you from the rain.

If you like to hunt in the winter, the clothes should be not only warm, but comfortable to not hamper your movement, because in game not so much and on the winter hunt often have to pass more than a dozen kilometers.

One important aspect is the footwear of the hunter. In summer-autumn season, the best solution would be the pistons, since this shoes is very practical, and perfectly protect the feet from snake bites and other various injuries. If the pistons no, you can use any comfortable shoes that can protect feet from various injuries.

Also, when you select clothing it is necessary to take into account the fact that it should not allocate a kind, strong smells and odors your home property, since they can frighten away game, whose keen sense of smell, for example, a wolf or a Fox.

The equipment of the hunter

With regard to form, any hunter can not do without a backpack or hunting bag, bandolier, cloak-tents, and if you love to hunt using hunting dogs, then you need a scroll or a cone.

The backpack can be made independently. It can be a small bag with a strap. The strap the strap should be wide enough to be comfortable to wear. As a material for a backpack the ideal option would be dense and waterproof material.

The cartridge as a hunting rifle, is also a mandatory part of equipment of the hunter. The bandolier is best to sew leather or canvas with one or two rows for cartridges.

Going hunting, don’t forget to bring your raincoat-tent in case of sudden thunderstorm or if you go hunting for a few days. Transportation of the tents will not cause any problems, as it is quite compact and weighs about 2 pounds.

If you’re hunting and dogs, not to forget to bring a whistle and a horn, otherwise, to find the dog in the woods is not so easy.

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