How to choose the IZH-12, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Smooth-bore, double-barrelled gun IZH-12 is considered to be one of the best verticular of the Soviet Union. The weapon was produced by the Izhevsk mechanical plant from 1962 to 1972. Even now, many hunters believe that gun is one of the best home bokhonov, which is superior in characteristics and quality, many modern counterparts. IL-12 has won fans not only in the territory of the Soviet Union, but also among foreign consumers. Over the years of production almost half of the guns produced were exported.

The gun IZH-12 was produced in the variants with 12 and 16 gauge. The length of the chamber from IL-12 70mm. The narrowing of the barrels of the shotgun as standard chalk and polochak, all diameters are clearly aged, marriage and the tolerances of the dimensions are almost impossible to meet the weapons. IL-12 is equipped with non-automatic safety device that blocks the firing mechanism. The barrels are made of high quality hardened steel. All other metal chrome elements, giving them extra protection from corrosion. IL-12 is equipped with an extractor that pushes the cartridges when you open the arms, then they must be removed by hand. Design double-barrelled gun IZH-12 is so simple that the gun can be easily disassembled and cleaned. For maintenance of IL-12 does not need any special tool.

Service rifle IZH-12 a separate issue. The gun must be stored with their trigger, in parsed or unparsed form. Before storing the gun cleaned and lubricated, all standard, as with any type of weapon. Regular cleaning and care of the gun allow hunters, for decades to enjoy its trouble-free operation.

Smooth-bore gun IZH-12 is distinguished by its quality and dependability, even under severe operating conditions. Hunters appreciate our weapons, balance and accuracy. Of the shortcomings can be noted the fragile forearm, a bad run of rear sight and proximity triggers. Some confuse the simplicity of making IL-12. But, despite all the flaws, IL-12 is a real «workhorse» for the hunter this day. Since 1973, the manufacturer has started to produce new models of weapons IZH-27 (hereinafter Mr-27). Despite the release of a new model, many shooters still prefer the model smooth-bore gun IZH-12.

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