How to choose the ideal spinning reel all to it

As well, when a person has a friend who does fishing. It is possible to consult in any matter relating to this interesting class. But what if such a friend is not there? People want to buy a reliable spinning, and to ask how to select it is not one. Then this article is an indispensable tool. After reading it, the man himself is all easily dismantled.


The material for spinning.

The most simple and cheap tents are made of ugleplastika ( some also called carbon). In the samples with the price above add fiberglass. If the person is a novice fisherman and first time in my life will keep spinning, we kindly request you not to buy a spinning ugleplastika. They break easily, even for experienced fishermen and beginners this is happening more often. Better to buy the spinning, which is fiberglass. But how to determine what is spinning what is it made of? It is almost impossible. Stickers that the buyer sees them, it is better not to believe. The manufacturer can not write the whole truth. Most are more or less accurate reference point is the weight. If the spinning easier, so it is more fragile than.

To tackle was more sensitive, it is necessary that the rings were thin and light. It is important to remember that. By purchasing, you should pay attention to the number of available rings. If the number is small then spinning quickly broken, and too big to overload it. It is also necessary that the ring was firmly attached, in addition, must be free of chips, cracks and other damage.


When choosing a reel seat would be better if the buyer will take the coil to the store. It will help the person to choose the right design of the reel seat. The handles, often use neoprene or cork. It is best to choose neoprene. It is more resistant to various influences. Before you buy to see if there are gaps between the handle and the blank. If the clearance is there, then, such a tackle is better not to buy.

If we talk about the coils, then the store buyer can meet two types of coils. The first inertia, the second inertia-free. For beginners the best fit coil heads.

Fishing line

Fishing line also comes in two types. The first type is monofilament fishing line, and the second type of wicker. Most anglers advises it braid. But the choice for the buyer.


The length of the gear should be 2,5 — 3 meters. Fishing tackle for beginners fishermen from 240 to 270 cm as for the rod, its length should be 3 meters. Generally, the choice of length depends on three factors. The first factor is a condition of fishing. The second factor is the technique you use when fishing, and, finally, the third factor is distance fishing. And a little tip at the end. Do not risk fishing with long spinning. It can play for the fisherman a cruel joke. It is clear what is it?


About price we can say the following if the buyer fisherman-novice, he will break not one spinning. So do not buy too expensive gear. First you need to gain experience, and then buy an expensive spinning.

That’s all that can be said about the spinning. Then it’s up to the buyer. Now you can take in a bunch of tips from this article and go to the store to select your high quality spinning. Good luck fishing and good catches!!

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