How to choose the convenient form of the handle of the knives from a huge number of forms

No wonder they say experienced hunters and fishermen that a good knife can be considered one that not only balanced, sharpened blade, but a versatile , comfortable handle. No matter what area of life you use the knife (works on the farm, in the kitchen, fishing, hunting) – it needs to create facilities, it is not just a tool, and a loyal friend, provides assistance in resolving sometimes difficult problems. There is no doubt that a big role to the hilt, which influences the degree of hand fatigue when working.

For various types of work performed are of a handle of various sizes and of various shapes, which are divided into the following groups: a video handle, a conical (cone cone forward and back), convex, concave, spindle-shaped, flat shaped, barrel-shaped.

Handle flat are a classic shape which has come to us from ancient times. In relief of the handle is missing contraction and expansion, only nebulisations. The majority of handles in this group are equipped with kitchen knives. Naturally, this form should be provided and a series of positive functional benefits, but the exclusion of the limiter , increases the degree of injury to the owner. Not very large properties, ergonomics, as well as the presence of danger in terms of safety push knives with straight handle in the ranking of popularity on the back burner.

Currently, the more popular the cone-shaped handle with narrowing of the cone backwards or forwards. Earlier, expands the cone back on the handle, was widespread among the daggers that were meant for lefties. Handles that taper to the blade, have great amenities and ergonomics. They found a great use for Muslims, as they were provided, scimitars daggers in Turkey and the cards of the Persians. Currently handle this group can be seen among surgical instruments and throwing knives. This form of hilt is not tops, but very often provided with a guard or similar devices. Otherwise, the sudden force on the handle, the hand can be injured on the blade of the knife, speaking generally, then stick the cone group is not very useful for specialists of military units and hunters.

The advantages of both types of cone-shaped handle was adopted by the creators of the arms belonging to concave products. They are like no other, very comfortably in the hand. Region primeneniia with the arm fully depends on the degree of its concavity, and the lower line of the bend, the closer its properties and qualities , this type of hilt is approaching, the group of direct handle. Historical evidence suggests that the concave of the handle was quite popular in Japan and in the territory of the old Russian state. Very far from the handle of the group of products that have deep recesses of nature for placing fingers of the hand, as it its design features more reminiscent of brass knuckles. The advantages of a handle with podpolanie cutouts that knife in his hand finds a stable and reliable position, but on the other hand, the range of use of a knife with such a handle has some limitations. Many designers of the arms, trying to create something new in this area, created a handle in the form of a dumbbell. No one is arguing with a knife, with this type of hilt is very good to deliver hits from piercing and slashing in nature, but difficult to apply as a tool for the cutting action.

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