How to choose the best weapons for hunting,you need to know when choosing

Currently, in connection with a huge selection of different small arms and hunting weapons on the shelves of specialty stores, from the ordinary citizen the question arises, what gun to buy, how to choose, not to be sorry for wasted money. First and foremost any potential buyer of weapons, you must determine the purpose and use of the gun, is this simply Amateur hunting and possibly hunting professional-industrial can still be the option of buying shotguns for sporting clay pigeon shooting.

If the appointment of the hunter decided, then go to the next setting gun, its prekladatele. This feature is very closely related to the height and build of the shooter. If pricediscount normal, then when the gun is raised (this test procedure must be performed multiple times, in different racks, in different ways while holding the weapon) is clearly aimed at the goal, and the rear part of the butt fits neatly into the recess in the shoulder. Having a gun with excellent prekladatelu, the hunter will instantly take a shot, no further adjustments of the line of fire.

The following characteristics of small arms is its balance and posadistas. Rifle weight should be evenly distributed. You can check this by installing the weapon on the edge of any object, such as the palm of your hand. Optimal center of gravity is the point at 65-75 mm from the muzzle. Posadistas – a concept which is closely related to balance, but the gun with excellent balance could be a bad posadistas. Good posadistas arms requires weight transfer arms to its Central point, but under this condition, the gun is easy to raise and shoot.

After identifying the basic characteristics of weapons, you must go to select more options. It is necessary to define the type of shotgun, single-barreled or double-barreled, with the location of shafts, horizontal or vertical. Important characteristics, especially when long the hunt will be the length of the weapon and its weight. Currently, many shotguns with two barrels (e.g. backforth) used different drilling of the bore, which provides the hunter the best options accuracy of fire at different distances hunting. For example, due to the cylindrical drill weapons providing a wider spread of shot, increasing the probability of hitting the target.

It is obvious that a larger caliber weapon has a greater damage area, however, has considerable weight. All this arrow must be considered. Optimally matched the gun should weigh no more than 4-5% of the weight of the hunter.

Having defined the main characteristics of the gun, the shooter can easily pick up a weapon based on its purpose, variants of which have been listed above. Option sports clay pigeon shooting in this article is not seen, only discussed hunting.

For sports and Amateur hunting is best suited magazine-rifle, semi-automatic shot-blasters or systems, Browning and Winchester. This weapon is effective at short distances (up to 50 meters), but has a large blast radius.(about a meter). Most effectively the weapons are used when hunting game birds or small predator. The spread of shot allows a hit even fast moving targets.

With regard to industrial hunting, but these weapons must be durable and reliable. The mechanism of the weapon needs to be durable and reliable, the barrels of these guns are made of stainless steel. Very popular in this kind of hunting are backforty and fittings with different combination of cutting and drilling barrels.

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