How to choose tackle for the beginner

Fishing is a lesson, you tried that once, can’t stop going again and again with a fishing rod on the river. Novice fishermen usually start to get excited about fishing on the float rod. What gear was purchased, the amount of catch and the number of pleasant moments spent with a fishing rod in his hands.

The choice of fishing line

The main part of the float rod, which holds all important tackle for catching of fish is called fishing line. It is necessary to pay special attention to quality monofilament meets the following criteria: transparency, strength, smoothness, without dark spots or bands, the uniformity along the entire length. Too thick lines will be visible to fish, and very subtle breaks catching large instance. The best option – diameter of 0.15-0.3 mm.

Colorless monofilament line is widely applied on the rods, but in the last time there was colored gear, adapted for different times of the day and the bottom of the reservoir. To the bait was easy to throw into the water and bait, the fishing line should be nine-tenths of the length of the rod.

Coil selection

If you are relying on a small catch, just for fun, can be mounted on the float rod a small coil. It is convenient to use, adjusting the length of the line on their own. For serious fishing big fish need big spinning reel.

The choice of float

Probably everyone remembers the floats since childhood, made his own or the parents of the foam or the cane. It is now a good option of gear for a beginner in fishing. This float will be good to stay on the water surface and will immediately alert you to the bite. There are many types of modern floats of different shape, size, color. One is used for catching certain prey. They are divided into fixed and floating. The former is applied to the rod without the reel and all familiar with other need for fishing at great depth, when there is a coil with a long line.

A selection of sinkers and hooks

Lead sinker has established itself as the most convenient and effective. For beginners the most appropriate option is a sinker made of lead flat or round shape. It is not necessary to bind foreign objects, so as not to spoil the fishing process.

Hooks amazing variety of shapes and sizes. They are semi-circular bent tip, oval shape, flat on the side. Forged fishing hooks are the most robust and reliable. Choosing the size, you should decide on what kind of production do you expect: large or small.

Properly selected gear will make fishing exciting and memorable.


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