How to choose primers for equipment cartridge

How to choose primers for equipment cartridge

An integral part of the cartridge, almost any firearm is a percussion cap. The primer is often called «pyro» powder, but, contrary to this view, its main function is to increase pressure and temperature in the combustion chamber. Only due to these conditions, provided by the combustion of gunpowder with a fairly high speed. Lack of energy of the capsule leads to a too slow burning powder and, as a consequence, a protracted shot. This not only degrades the quality of the shot, but can be life threatening arrow. Conversely, the excess energy when ignited, can not lead to ignition, and to the instant of detonation of gunpowder. Thus, each type of powder corresponds to a particular type of capsule.

To smoke cartridges is used «centrovoj» — the Central capsule of the battle. It is a one-piece cap is pressed onto the shock structure. It is protected by a layer of foil, parchment paper and varnish. The material of the cap is copper, but sometimes there are other materials. for example, the glory of brass and aluminum.

«Revelo is a type of primer which is used in smokeless cartridges. They have, shock warehouse is located at the bottom of a small gilnockie, closed cap. This primer is gated is more sensitive to the firing pin, more powerful and resistant to the force. «Revela-M» — a more powerful variation of the capsule. The pressure in this cartridge is about 42êã/cm2.

If the hunter has to use open capsule in combination with smokeless powder, its power can be enhanced by posypkoy gunpowder. For this, in capsule nest add a couple of grains of gunpowder No. 4 or No. 3.

Capsule «Revela-powerful», does not require any additives and is able to provide reliable ignition and combustion. Usivity it with doupki is not recommended.

Sold in our market explosive mercury capsule, the above-mentioned types. Their main disadvantage is that they offer the products of combustion of acid type, leading to corrosion of the barrel. The powder of such properties has not. On the contrary, alkaline environment of the combustion products of black powder will neutralize the negative impact of caps on the metal of the barrel. Smokeless powder does not possess such properties, so the trunk requires regular cleaning with special tools.

When you buy should pay attention to the condition of the caps. New goods must not have traces of oxide. They should be stored in a dry place separately from the powder. The shelf life of the capsules varies from 3 to 6 years, however, practice shows that suitable for hunting, they remain after 10 years of proper storage.

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