How to choose oil and gas burners for hunting and fishing

In the process a multi-day fishing or hunting, fire, will likely be called the element of romance than the easy option for cooking. For quality, fast and convenient cooking more suitable for the equipment. Of course, most fishermen and hunters and even tourists love to spend time in a burning fire, swap some stories and eat soup, etc. However, it should be noted that not always and not all of them can develop a relationship. At least in order to build a fire, you need firewood, which can get not available in all areas fishing and hunting. As for fire on ice is necessary to pull the firewood from the shore or carry them from a distance of several kilometers. The site impossible to use inside a tent, and cooking it can take quite some time.

A much more effective tool for use in nature will be special equipment. It can be gas or oil type, and to use kerosene or gasoline. Another variant, the device multifuel type has the ability to work on kerosene, diesel, gasoline, and some even on gas. For comparison, we can note that the energy content of one kilogram of firewood is 3000-4000 calories, the energy consumption of butane gas 12 000, and petrol — 10 000 calories. Many hunters and fishermen do not have practical experience in using these devices and therefore, before you make a decision to purchase a particular model, it is best to review their characteristics in advance.

Gas burner

How to choose oil and gas burners for hunting and fishing

Gas burner will become an indispensable and effective tool in conditions of bad or rainy weather. The one who at least time in life tried to make a fire using the damp firewood, surely knows about this. In order to use devices of the gas type does not need to have absolutely no special skills. Everything is simple and made for people, and bringing the gas released will only take a few minutes. In the process of operation of the gas burner has a high smoke point and therefore it equally well can be used in the open space and inside the tent. Device gas type do not give a pungent and unpleasant odors and therefore can be transported in the vicinity of the lure to fish. Subject to the rules of operation of these devices quite reliable and safe to use.

The disadvantages of the use of devices of this type include the relatively expensive fuel, at a relatively affordable cost of the burner itself. Plus, find gas cylinder in the remote corners of our country is quite problematic and therefore, those who decided to use this type of equipment for hunting or fishing, you may have to drag a few of these cylinders from the house. Another negative point can be called unstable behavior of the gas equipment in low temperatures. It can be noted that many different models at different tolerate extreme cold and frost, but in General this is the main drawback of all devices of the gas type.

Oil burners

The main parameter through which hunters and anglers increasingly prefer the use of oil burners can be called used in his work the fuel is available everywhere. If we talk about fuel, then even more benefits in this plan are oil burners, which can work perfectly using practically all types of liquid fuel. Some manufacturers offer the possibility of using alcohol as fuel, however, this condition cannot guarantee a quality and long-term operation of all parts of the device. Along with accessibility and easy to use you can mark another significant advantage of using oil burners. All devices of this type show excellent performance even in conditions of frequent temperature changes or freezing weather.

The disadvantages of using liquid-fuel devices include more complex design that involves many elements and details. Hence, their use implies the presence of some experience and knowledge. In addition, in order to allow the oil burner to a state suitable for use may require a longer time. Finally, the cost of these devices will be much higher than the cost of gas burners.

To choose both gas and liquid fuel burner is required, depending on the level of its power. It is from this indicator will depend on how quickly you can prepare meals using this device.

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