How to choose night vision scopes

How to choose night vision scopes

In the first half of the last century in the armies of the world appeared new devices, which are called night vision devices or NVD. Today is a class of optical devices that operate on the basis of the use of EOP or PIC of matrices. The main characteristics of all models available on the market today can be called the range of vision, angle of vision, light amplification factor, lens diameter, focal length and dimensions.

The decision to go hunting that night and so accepted quite easily. And even if a hunter well prepared and study all the habits of nocturnal animals, will come into force some of the limitations of a physiological nature. We are not able to see in the dark and without the use of special instruments and devices we cannot do.

The choice of PNV

How to choose night vision scopes

One of the most common categories of NVD can be called night vision monoculars. These devices are equally designed for professional and Amateur use. Design is a kind of a telescope with a small magnification. The most affordable devices in this class can be called monoculars, operating on the basis of image intensifier TUBE 1st generation in small increments that provide the owner to detect the target at a distance of 100-300 meters.

When using a weapon with open sights or red-dot sight the easy option would be night vision goggles. They show excellent characteristics in terms of dense undergrowth. They are often used if desired or necessary, to leave hands free. If during the hunt you will be using an optical sight, such glasses will not be the best choice.

Night vision binoculars provide their owners the opportunity to see a stereoscopic image with a pair of optical converters. This class of PNV is considered as the most versatile, as suitable for most purposes. They can be used for hunting, for control of the area during search operations, etc.

The main element sights of this type is the TUBE, and the main purpose is to determine the distance to a specific goal. Choosing a device for your own use, be sure to pay attention to some factors such as the degree of illumination and transparency at night time, contrast, etc. NVD is designed not only for observation but also for target shooting.

How to choose night vision scopes

The optical part of any device consists of the objective lens and eyepiece. Thus, it should be noted that the development and production of high-aperture optics may be only the largest optical companies that have a sufficient level of production. The cost of high-aperture optics will always have a direct effect on the value of PNV. Some modern companies, to increase equip their models with lenses of long focal length and low aperture ratio. In this case, you should make your choice on the model with a smaller magnification and larger aperture ratio. Because in the dark it will show better visibility and range.

Regardless of the choice, or a specific category or model, each of them is designed to solve certain categories of problems. More modern and technological devices, may not be as easy to use as it seems at first glance. They can increase the working weight of the weapon, require more frequent recharging or different not too inexpensive cost. However, those who have decided to try their hand at night hunting, without such a device clearly does not do.

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