How to choose material for a good hunting knife

In the production of hunting knives chosen material that will meet all the necessary requirements, but in some cases, the material producers themselves brought to the desired state, can be used various kinds of additives or processing assistants.

Remember that steel for a knife in any case should not be too soft, because after some time in operation, what will just gradually worn down and, accordingly, will be completely unsuitable. Also if the blade is made from solid steel, then you can reveal that it will be very fragile and to sharpen this knife in the limited conditions will be very problematic.

Professional and really high quality knife is the fact a device, which can be effortlessly disassembled deer or elk, and the knife should not be required during the execution work, additional sharpening. In fact, given the criteria adopted in the common international practice, therefore, most of the large manufacturers prefer to choose only the same grade of steel, only in this case, it is possible to get really qualitative and durable products.

Perhaps the most common in the present material, which is designed for creation of hunting knives is the steel under a special number 440C. A knife made of this steel has high characteristics, and it is flexible enough and at the same time will not rust, but the most important thing is that it does not require over a long period of time sharpening. However, if you decide to purchase this type of knife, then we recommend you not to use it for other purposes, for example, to open canned food, something to cut too hard, in this case, you should really pick up those tools that are designed for this case.

Almost identical material, which runs a slightly different method has its own unique designator SRT T-440C. In this steel contains more carbides that with proper treatment, this type of steel has the hardness of diamond. Knives of this kind of steel have a particular elasticity and flexibility, as well as keep a sharpening and have immense durability.

About durability, I want to remember that it is twenty times greater than the above steel. Really immediately want to say, that the cost of production is extremely high, but with such high levels is not surprising. As a rule, if you want to get quality item that will have to pay, as it simply can not be cheap, and if it is, then, most likely you just stumbled upon a fake.

Producers, where production enterprises are located in Germany and the United States, prefer at a broad level to use steel X155CrVMgl21 or just D2. In this steel contains large amounts of chromium, magnesium and vanadium. Although in this case you may find that, in General, after some time of operation, the steel may begin to corrosion damage, but the advantage is that the professionals made positive comments about this product, and also claim that this type of knife, perfectly holds the sharpening.

Swedish company specializing in the production of knives used in the manufacture of stainless steel under the brand name 12s27. In fact, this type of steel can be attributed to the very hard option, but the blade is flexible and elastic. The cost of such products is lower the above mentioned.

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