How to choose gear

In the process of buying a telescopic fishing rod, consider the length of the cone attachment, which are the knees. If you pay attention to clearance when assembled the rod, you can determine this distance. 6:1 is the standard ratio of the length of the rod of the tribe to the length of the grip, this ratio can be called a fair for the entire length of the rod.

If you focus on a fine catch of fish such as perch, perch, crucian carp, gudgeon, the most suitable hooks at numbers 2-4. The same hooks are used most often when fishing small loaches Yelets.

Hooks rooms 4-6 are used for catching such fish as roach, Rudd, silver bream, bream and large carp. Larger you choose the hooks when the angler is focused on trophies larger, IDE, burbot, carp. 14 hook size is usually suitable for catching carp or similar major trophies. As for the pike, then it should stay on large single hooks, treble hooks, the counterparts. Sudak often draws attention to the bait, if she weighs the same on the hook size 8-12.

The choice of hook depends on what bait you want to fish. Because catfish caught on a frog, for bait frog it is better to use hooks under the number 20. Need more large hooks in the case, if you catch the pieces of meat, live fish. If you prefer to catch the fish, it is better to wear a tee with hooks at number 7 or 8.

If you as bait are bloodworms, peas and another small lure, you should choose small hooks with no more than 4 rooms. For bait, maggots, mayflies, dragonflies better to use hooks sizes a little more. Big worm, the bait sit perfectly on the hooks, numbered 8-12.

Summer fishing is good because in nature you can easily prepare fresh steamed corn, pearl barley or wheat. To prepare the dressing should be soaked grain, boil it for 20 minutes. After that, pour the boiled grain in the thermos and soak with boiling water. After a few hours the bait is ready to use.

Good bait, if it is added to feed bloodworm, worm. At the time of purchase worm or bloodworm should pay attention to their freshness. Bait is suitable for small waders. Boxes of sinkers on the fishing line is clamped.


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