How to choose fishing line fishing

Fishing line is very thin and transparent thread, designed for luring fish from the pond. In fishing, the line is not a little important, you need to choose a suitable to the fish you plan to catch, as otherwise it’ll break. Fishing line should be barely noticeable, subtle and robust at the same time.

The choice of fishing line should be approached carefully.

It can be divided into two kinds: 1. Monofilament and 2. Network. These types include special fishing line, for example, winter. When choosing a fishing line that she would have shone, if it is not shiny, it means the old line. After checking the uniformity of thickness of line can be a very simple way, putting on her lead weight and led them on a scaffold, if he gets stuck in some places, it means, that the line unevenly thin. You may also need this method as a way to test the strength of fishing line. For this you will need a conventional electronic scale, you put them on the line and begin to push, until, until it burst, and on the scales you will see how much it can withstand kilogram, but be aware that these readings are not accurate but only approximate. For good strength you fit braided fishing line. Cheap fishing lines are not always good, but the quality is believed to be from a Japanese manufacturer.

At the moment there are only a few companies who manufactured fishing line. There are factories for the production of fishing line in Japan, America and Germany. So buy expensive or cheap the fishing line? This question depends on the conditions in which you fish, and your financial condition. We used to see fishing line transparent color, but it can be any color. But it is useful, for example, if you are fishing in the grass and on the rod you fishing line green color. But usually all use transparent fishing line, its a little visible on the water. A thick line would be wise to use when fishing for large fish or in the thickets below, caught in a snag not to tear it. Question store the line is no longer relevant, the only caveat is that you should not store the line in the sun or any heaters, and no wonder many manufacturers are sealed for her not to miss the sun’s rays packages. It is best to store your line on the spool and some box with a lid. Each package is written completely all the characteristics of the line and its length typically ranges about one hundred meters. In the summer you can use different thickness of line, but in the winter, it is better to use thin line.

If a fisherman is fishing with a fishing rod, a conventional float, the often used thin fishing line. Fishing line is able to grow in water about 20 %, and when it dries it again acquires its original appearance. In contact with nature, the line wears out, it appears fine scratches, which our eyes can not see. When clouding of the fishing line should be changed, it will have to do often if you like to fish. So in fishing though this is but a trifle plays a very important role in catching fish. Choose high quality and reliable fishing line for fishing.

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