How to choose cristindy for conducting hunting,its types and its use

How to choose cristindy for conducting hunting,its types and its use

If you decide to hunt for large wild animals (bear, elk, boar), the best help in this matter can provide you such special device, as tristand. By design, tristand looks like a site of special fabrication, the installation of which is performed on the proper tree. The use of this device makes hunting clear and fascinating event, because a hunter must wait for a trophy, while secretly observe all that happens around him. So any hunter acquires one of its main qualities is patience.

To date, special distribution in the Russian Federation, cristindy have not yet received, but more and more hunters realize that with this gear, hunting is much easier. In the market of hunting accessories in the sale is a large assortment of these devices can be the options for winter or summer hunting, are also dependent on the type of the used weapons ( bow, crossbow, shotgun or carbine). Most of these devices fall into two categories.

The first category is climara (testandi-samoloty), the device which is produced without the use of any available secondary assets. To put it simply, to use it, the hunter themselves will have to climb a tree.

The second category is change. For their devices to stock up on special stairs or ladders, which are mounted by screwing into the tree. Not be amiss and install pillars.

How to install a Clymer?

How to install a Clymer? For starters, the device must be attached to the tree at half height. Further, the hunter, climbs into tristand and has legs in special grooves, which are located at the bottom of the device. Tightly resting, he raises the upper part of Tristana, and gets on his feet. Thus, alternately repeating this action can be lifted to the desired height. Should pay attention to the fact that the tree had the least number of branches, otherwise, during the promotion they will have to cut with a hacksaw. This device has a special regulatory mechanisms through which it is possible to use trees of different diameters.

Design tristand can hold his weight in hundred pounds, for this reason, you should not load it with unnecessary possessions. Wait for your hunting trophy with some comfort allows the special fabric for the seat does not create a rustling. Not be superfluous and such a measure of security as insurance, which is a special vest. When you install Tristana necessarily need to know which side likely will be a wild beast and the wind direction. If the air mass will go on a game trail with your hand, you can not wait for their prey. In this case, the tree for the location of Tristana should choose the side that is located against the wind, it is desirable that the area of fire and tools was straight angle.

Naturally, when you maintain hunting, you need to have great patience, because sometimes the wait is a wild animal can last for hours. Being on a tree in cristante, do not create unnecessary movements, coughing and Smoking. Often hunters in the same complex as christendome use other means to disguise, in particular.the screen masking type. They are very good in the role of camouflage, and if a wild beast did not feel your presence by smell, the unknown device in the tree may cause him anxiety.

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