How to choose clothes, shoes and equipment for hunting

The person who loves to travel to different regions and countries must be aware of a few rules of his skill. No less is true of hunter. One of the important aspects of the success of the hunter is shoes. It should be moderately worn, and very comfortable. The fit of the Shoe is done in the following manner: the toes should be free to be in the Shoe. If you are traveling in winter, pick shoes to foot feel free when you put two socks and a felt insole. If you feel that shoes or boots began to RUB, be sure to at the first symptoms, apply a band-aid. Constantly change your socks, if you are sweating a lot, or you’d rather RUB your feet or you will freeze. Corn definitely pierced, and then are stuck with bactericidal plaster.

Constantly take care of your shoes during the hike. Give her time to dry, and always apply a special cream to boot.

The next very important thing in hunter — it’s a backpack. In order to make it convenient to wear make up little things to the back, solid and heavier items on the bottom. If the backpack looks pretty heavy, weighs more than twenty pounds, be sure to choose the gear with the straps from foam rubber, felt or moss.

Choose a backpack that:

— center of gravity was closer to the back and up;

— he had a good capacity;

— held form;

— transmitted load;

— he was of durable material.

There are also many types of backpacks, such as round or easel. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Pick up the backpack so that it was convenient for You.

It is very important to dress properly to avoid inconvenience during the trip:

— do not wear clothes that fits snugly to Your torso. So the area of the movable air decreases, which leads to poor circulation;

— very dangerous sweating, so you can quickly freeze. Always remove a piece of clothing and let it dry. If possible, reduce physical activity to reduce sweating.

— remember that limbs cooled in the first place. Pick warm gloves on the hands and comfortable, warm shoes on their feet. Hands can be warmed under the armpits or between the legs (inner thigh). Shoes should be loose, so you could easily wear two pairs of socks.

Personal equipment must be convenient and easy. Always pick the appropriate bed and the backpack! Be sure to carry a set of pots and lamp.

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