How to choose clothes for summer fishing?

Fishing is one of the great ways to have a good time in the summer in the fresh and clean air. If you are going fishing, you need to choose the right fishing tackle and pick up the right clothes. Clothing for fishing should be multi-functional and create a sense of comfort.

The main criteria

The main task of summer clothes for fishing is the lightness and water resistance.

During the day the weather can change several times, so the angler must be prepared for various weather events. Summer outfit for fishing needs to be protected from sun, rain and insects.

Colouring equipment needs to blend in with the environment, which is a fisherman. You also need to pay special attention to clothing items.


Fishing clothes, as a rule, using the most different fabrics. Some are natural, such as:

  • Len;
  • Cotton;
  • Wool.

The above fabrics are environmentally friendly, but they have many drawbacks:

Absorb very much moisture, leading to discomfort;

  • Very long dried;
  • Difficult cleaning;
  • Not durable to wear.

Clothing made of synthetic material, on the contrary, is easy to clean well and dries quickly, does not crease and is more durable.

Membrane fabric

Currently, clothes are made of membrane fabric, is at the peak of its popularity among anglers and is the best option for summer fishing.

Clothing made of membrane fabric, protects from the cold or rain. It is best to buy pants and a jacket of similar material. Under these clothes are not allowed to wear things made of natural materials, due to the fact that will let remove moisture.

Doing fishing on a summer day, it is best to get rid of unnecessary clothes. So, the body to better cope with the hot weather.

A necessary item of equipment, without which it simply impossible to do — it’s headdress. It will help to prevent sunstroke. To complement the headpiece can be a mosquito net that will protect from various insects such as flies, mosquitoes and midges.

Fishing clothes don’t have to have dark, saturated colors, as they are very well absorb the ultraviolet rays. Therefore, it is better to give a choice in matters that are grey-green, brownish-green shades.

Thus, the equipment of the fisherman should be comfortable, convenient and, of course, practical that did not detract from his Hobbies of fishing!


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