How to choose braided fishing line?

A lot of questions from beginner fisherman raises fishing line — braided line. A large part of the fishermen with the experience of buying it, estimating diameter and breaking load. Braided line is also referred to as a cord, braid.


There are two ways of making braids. In the first case, the finest fibers are woven into yarns, and those, in turn, are intertwined to achieve the desired diameter. In the second embodiment, the fibers are glued with a special compound. Ways to connect fibers also there is a huge number.

The positive side of the braided cord:

Compared to the usual fishing line, braided line has a very high strength. In this respect, fishing becomes possible even in the most difficult places. The main feature of braided line is its durability. This scaffold does not lose its properties during storage and allows the use of three more seasons without replacement.

Braided fishing line restores fully its form. She does not remember the twists and kinks. The need to use vertluzhnoj is also missing.

It is also worth noting that when fishing for perch or small pike, if you use braids use a leash would not be required, including very difficult to eat.

How to choose?

Quickly seeing the to understand the quality or the network is not possible. How good is bought, the fishing line can be determined only after field testing. Fishing shops network sells the meter, that is, without packaging, specifying its characteristics.

If you always use the network the same manufacturer, to determine a fake can not only visually, but also different in smell.

After the purchase, I advise you to wind the cord on the spool. First you need to soak the wicker. Wet he will sit on the coil. Then, you should explore the fishing line. If you sold a bad cord, you have the right to exchange it within fourteen days.

Among all the manufacturers of braids, especially Power Pro has proven itself. It has a very high quality of the product is created using advanced technologies. The intersection of their cord has the round form, the scaffold itself almost does not stretch, gently placed on the spool. I want to highlight the strength of the nodes running on the line of this manufacturer. Also braided line from Power Pro has a higher lifetime. However, not all is so rosy — the price of such cords is not democratic.

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