How to choose autumn fishing spot

With the beginning of autumn, the fish practically does not change his place of residence. Active vegetation, close to where she was, fade and tarnish. At the same time, the fish is not in a hurry to leave the cubbies and still kept nearby. Settled algae full of insects, and their larvae continue to eat and hide in such places.

With the beginning of the autumn period the water is purified and becomes more transparent. Near reed finds a cozy place spotted a predator. Fish the diet of pike, which includes small fish, is in no hurry to leave favorite places and continues to bask in the daytime near the coastline. At this time very effectively to sh in these places. Pike takes just about any bait.

With the onset of cold weather, small fish gradually begin to move away from the shore, looking for the deep thickets, or of the place to which they stand in the winter. Pike, as a shepherd, migrates for its food, protecting it from other predators. Typically, the pike watches over his charges in close proximity on the edge or submerged wood. From time to time, it bypasses the territory along the perimeter, banishing the intruders. Bypassing and feeding often occurs at a time when the sun rises or sets.

It is desirable to sh in the pond during these periods. This will significantly increase the size of the catch and getting the desired result.

If you are a fan of other prey species, then you should start to sh in zakoryazhennyh places in the depths. At this time, actively feeds on perch, you’ll be its pack hunting, as well as burbot, which is hidden in any shaded areas, burrowing under fallen trees, preparing for winter.

By mid-autumn comes the rainy season. The weather is not very good, starts wind that chills to the bones. Weather conditions outside of the environment of the reservoir do not affect the change of conditions in the underwater Kingdom. Fish don’t notice it, since removed to the depths, away from the edge of the shore.

Gathering in flocks, fish begin to determine the wintering grounds in the pit. During this period, submerged tree is the veil of the hunter on a fine family. The schools have not kept close to the bottom, and usually occupy the middle layer.

During feeding the shoals of fish out in the shallows, eyebrows and other places with sharp gradients. During this period, these places izlyubleny for roach, Rudd. Bream and silver bream are also not refuse to examine the rocks or edge.

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