How to choose and use hide and ambush for hunting

How to choose and use hide and ambush for hunting

The blind for hunting upland and waterfowl have long been used by hunters all over the world. This is a special device, thoughtful for discreet long wait of prey. Accounts typically spend hours in the shelter and the design of the blind allows you to change body position – sit, stand and even lie. After all, the hunter should stay in constant tracking of production and the impact of fire on moving objects.

Earlier blind called the shelter, made from scrap vehicles. Now the blind is portable and kamuflirovannaya shelter, and dug a trench, and equipped a hut for hunting. The details of the ambush are single, but spacious, with space for a chair and a hunting dog. If you go hunting with a friend, you’ll like double the blind with a roof or without it. For great lovers of hunting, manufacturers have provided multi-bed comfortable hide, with increased capacity. Hide different colours, the weight of the product, size, category of water resistance and price. Not always high price for the device is justified.

Color blind is mostly bright camouflage shades, as the birds and animals are cautious wary of a dark color. To put an ambush is best in the shade, it should not stand out among the surrounding countryside. The bottom should be waterproof, because is not excluded the possibility of rain during the hunt.

Manufacturers for production of their camouflage tents are used many years of experience and modern technology. Forest animal or bird may not even know that in several metres from them hiding the hunter, ready at any moment to make the shot.

Before purchasing a pit, decide the area where you’ll be more likely to hunt, it’s easier to choose the color to best blend in with the environment. If you are a beginner or hunt from time to time, I do not advise to choose expensive models. Over time, cheap camouflage tent could be easier, if necessary, to sell, not really losing in the beginning of its value, but by selling expensive models will have much to give in price.

For arranging a perfect ambush, after the installation of the tent it is recommended to use the vegetation of the area for hunting. Try to build a shelter inconspicuous, and then trophy hunting will please with its quality and quantity.

How to choose and use hide and ambush for hunting

Like any thing, the blinds also has its drawbacks. The main disadvantage of the use of the blind is not always have the time to install a camouflage tent. It all depends on speed and mobility on the hunter, otherwise it will not save even the worst shelter.

Best manufacturer skrutkov is considered an American firm Ameristep. The company’s products of high quality, light weight and modern design. The product is very compact, the design is going for a few minutes and a camouflage tent can be transported in a regular backpack, which is very convenient for the hunter.

The blind goose hunting is made in the form of a simulated unharvested small stacks of straw or hay. This shelter easily accommodate 2 people and the shoot is all over the space around them.

Lying in the blind, it is very important that the back and head were elevated from the ground state. This will keep the back from freezing and open the possibility of greater exploration. Ambush will further protect you from rain, wind and additionally will save power, because to dig and camouflage a trench is not necessary.

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